5 Tips On How To Lose 15 Pounds Fast

Do you need to lose 15 pounds fast? Would that be pounds of fat, water or muscle?

As you can see, most people that are talking about losing weight, do not really know what exactly this means. Almost everyone connects weight with fat, which is not entirely true.

If your goal is to lose 15 pounds just to feel better when you are on the scale, it probably doesn’t matter to you whether it is fat, muscle or water that you lose. If you want to lose that extra bulge around your middle, then you’re looking to lose 15 pounds of fat fast.

If your goal is to lose fat instead of just pounds, it is important for you to know that water makes up a part of that weight loss. Indeed, during the first one or two days of any diet, the main part of the weight loss will be water.

Numerous websites are claiming that they are able to reveal to you how to lose 15 pounds fast. What they don’t always tell you is that losing weight fast can be dangerous to your health. Of course, it solely depends on what you think to be ‘fast’. A month seems to be fast for some people, while other people consider fast to be more immediate, like a couple of days.

To lose 15 pounds within a months would be the better goal, as it is a lot more achievable. However, it is not without risk if you don’t approach your weight loss correctly.

To lose 15 pounds fast, you can’t just lose water, which of course would be the easiest to lose. The body can not survive without water. Deny the body the water and it will start to shut down.

To go hungry is not the solution either. In fact, not eating will cause your body to retain and even gain weight. Denying your body it’s nutrients, will trigger the alarm. Your body goes into a survival mode, which leads to the fact that it will hang onto every morsel you eat, which leads to a weight gain.

You need to eat foods like fish or meat which needs a great deal of energy to digest to lose 15 pounds fast. You could eat nothing but meat, but that wouldn’t be healthy either. To stay healthy, you need to feed your body a diet that gives it all nutrients it requires. A well balanced diet and losing weight can go hand in hand, you only need to know what foods are the right ones to eat. Don’t start your weight loss plan without taking measurements of your body and don’t forget the body weight and fat index. There are special calipers available in weight and fitness centers (usually as a part of some tool kit), which allow you to take measurements of the fat tissue on different areas of your body.

See below for 5 steps you can take to lose 15 pounds fast:

1) Avoid foods that cause water retention, like salt. Cut back on salt and you’ll begin to shed weight.

2) Always eat 4-6 small portions daily, instead of 3 big ones – this will help your body’s digestive system to work correctly.

3) Eat foods that need more energy for digestion, this includes, raw vegetables, cheese, fish, chicken, asparagus.

4) Drink lots of pure water throughout the day as this helps boost your metabolism.

5) Additional to your weight loss plan, exercise frequently to develop muscles, as muscle tissue burns more energy, which in turn causes you to lose weight.

Always re-measure your body and weight every week or so and in case you aren’t seeing any positive improvements, adjust your weight loss plan and exercises.

It is possible to 15 pounds fast, if you take action and then stay with your plan.