Acne: Being Aware Of The Acne Facts Can Help Treat Acne

by Dragan Ravikovitch

Myths have been thrown around about acne for centuries. There have been myths thrown around about anything about the human body forever. You simply will not be able to treat acne in the most efficient way unless you have acne awareness. Acne Awareness means knowing what the true causes of acne is, and what the best options of treatment are.

Myth 1: Only Teenagers Get Acne

False! Acne is something that can happen to anyone at any time. Hormones produced by teenagers are likely to cause acne, but it’s really easy to pick up if you don’t keep your face clean. So acne is NOT caused by age. Acne essetially means, “dirt or bacteria in the pores”, which in reality can happen to anyone who doesn’t clean their skin regularly. Failure to do so may result in mild acne, also known as pimples, zits, spots, redness etc.

Myth 2: Only A Doctor Can Treat Acne

There is a more serious kind of acne called cystic acne, which is very painful and usually leaves permanent scars. If this is what you have then, yes, you DO need to go to a doctor. This is the worst kind of acne that produces red sores that are painful and are 100% unresponsive to anything except time and prescription treatments.

Walking around with regular acne, that is usually in the shape of whiteheads then you are able to treat it yourself. Any unanswered questions will most likely not surprise your doctor so it’s simple to ask them anything you want to know about acne, and acne awareness.

Myth 3: Only Alcohol Based Lotions Cure Acne

This is simply wrong! The popular counter acne treatments with a smell of alcohol is almost always way to harsh on simple acne. They do remove the oils and dirt that you want to remove, but it also empties your skin of sebum (your bodies natural oils). The body responds negativaly, by thinking that the sebum is gone, when in reality it’s still there and it starts to product more to compensate for the previous loss. To prevent this, just use soap and mild cleaners 2-3 per day to remove dirt and oil.

Myth 4: Scubbing When Washing Is A Must

False. You need to wash your skin gently, not scrub at it as if you were trying to remove mold from the tiles. Use warm water instead of piping hot. Pat dry instead of scrubbing with a towel. Knowing how to wash your skin correctly is a big part of acne awareness.

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