Alternative medicine for Cancr: Does It Really Help?

by The Alternate Medic

Modern medicine relies heavily on surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy in treating cancer.. For all of us who have gopne through these devastating treatments, we all look for alternative ways to treat our symptoms and to rebuild our natural health.

It cannot be denied that modern medicine has come a long way in the treatment and management of many forms of cancer. Our knowledge and treatment of these maladies is far in advance of what was common practice of years past, however, we have a long way to go before cancer is 100% curable. Unfortunately cancer is taking on different forms and is increasing in regularity throughout the worlds population.

There is little hope provided by modern medicine for those suffering from terminal cases , nor is there much in the way of research in prevention which shows immanent clear direction. A very concerning question is being asked “Is our modern farming and food processing technology along with higher levels of pollution greatly influencing the spread of cancer”?

It is commonly believed that alternative medicine for cancer is found in altering our diets by including herbs that are known to be beneficial for the regeneration of the body along with those herbs thought to be good in pain management and relief. This treatment provides a holistic approach to prevention and cure of cancer.

Alternative Medicine for Cancer Prevention

It is common knowledge that adequate fiber content in your food helps to prevent cancers of the digestive system. Holistic nutrition using coarse grain and unrefined flour are therefore viewed as a form of alternative medicine for cancer preventiont. Other traditional medicine also has dietary supplements based on the husks of cereals which help to keep bowel movement regular. It is beneficial to follow the principles of alternative medicine for cancer prevention particularly when malignancies of the colon and surrounding areas are likely.

There are also herbal extracts which help cancerous lesions developing in the liver. The vitamins, minerals, enzymes and elements found in fresh organic fruits and vegetables are known to be the cellular building blocks and the repair kit of the human body It is therefore recommended that ypu use alternative medicine for cancer management of vital organs in a pro-active way.

Alternative Medicine for Cancer Management near Termination

As the population of the world becomes more aware of he symptoms of cancer and a general understanding of how to prevent there onset along with timely detection should prevent every case of cancer from reaching a stage at which it can no longer be arrested, but unfortunately medical science is yet to reach the plane from which all patients can be cured effectively. Patients may have to spend considerable periods in terminal and progressive stages of eventually fatal illness.

Today many people understand that essential nutrition and pain management are key considerations in making the final days of a terminally ill patient as comfortable as possible. Alternative medicine for cancer does provide important applications in this tragic context. Nutrition powders and fluid extracts can be used on patients who are too unwell to enjoy normal meals, while topical preparations can be combined with modern drugs to deal with pain relief.

Although unsubstantiated, there are many claims of terminally ill patients taking alternative medicine for cancer for containment or reversal purposes and exceeding the prognoses for their malignant conditions by long periods of time by using of alternative medicine for cancer. This is an option a patient and their relatives may like to try when modern methods offer no further hope

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