Avoid These Mistakes If You’re Serious About Losing Weight

by Roland du Preez

For most people, gaining weight is not a difficult thing to accomplish. Robert DeNiro gained over fifty pounds for his role playing Jake LaMatta in “Ragging Bull”. When you see him in this movie with all of that weight, you cannot even recognize that this is Robert DeNiro because of the extra pounds he put on. It was not easy for DeNiro to get that weight off once he put it on.

Losing pounds should be as easy as gaining it. That would be nice. It’s simply reducing your calorie intake to lose the pounds, or is it?

1. Commitment

Your commitment to the weight loss regimen you choose is essential, which ever one you choose, be sure to follow through.

Most diet plans are centered around a mix of certain foods that activate weight loss action, so it’s not just about watching calories, it’s a combination that the diet creates. You have to adhere to them for them to be effective.

Only your commitment to lose weight is what will ultimately affect your weight. If you are not committed, eventually you will cheat. Obviously this is a huge mistake.

You are not going to lose weight if you cheat. You are only cheating on yourself if you cheat on your diet; also, once your determination has been broker, you are not on your goal path anymore. Commitment comes from deep inside and needs to be an earnest desire from deep within yourself. Trying to lose weight for someone else spells doom from the word go, weight loss can only be done for yourself.

2. Finding Support

You must have emotional support of others, this is the main reason why people stay committed, because they have somebody supporting and encouraging them. Join a forum if you have to, find others that will support you.

3. Going to the Extreme

Overdoing your commitment would be taking it over the edge and this would be a big mistake. You will end up right where you started and you may cause more harm than good.

Don’t starve yourself. Starvation diets are not healthy for anyone. Most people fail in the attempts and are right back at square one.

Exercising is excellent and if it’s part of your diet be careful not to overdo it. If you are not used to jogging, you can’t go out for a 10 mile run, work up to it as a goal.

You have to take some time to prepare mentally for your weight loss plan. Choose the right diet and stay committed. Remember, it will take some time to see the new you, so stay optimistic.

If you are not prepared, then get yourself mentally prepared before beginning your plan.

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