Banish those Wrinkles for good

by Nigel James

All of us want to look good. If our skin is wrinkled, it mars our appearance. To most people, wrinkles are a sign of old age. The human body requires its quota of nutrients and minerals. When the body does not get this dose of required nutrients or vitamins, it has an adverse effect on us, in the form of skin aging and wrinkles.

A well balanced and nutritive diet results in well balanced skin. A wrinkle is a specific crease of skin of the face, caused as a result of old age and lack or essential nutrients. Wrinkles hang loose, thus marring the aesthetics of the skin.

Today, people don’t have enough time for themselves, thus they are unable to pay proper attention towards their skin or their body. A young person has more fat cells as compared to an old person. As a person ages, the number of fat cells in the skin decrease, the skin however continues to grow and sags, thus forming wrinkles.

As a person grows older, the skin gets thinner. Moreover, the worries of life and the physical exertion that one goes through take its toll on the skin. Creases begin to appear and the skin no longer remains flexible. The cheekbones show through the thinning skin.

Moreover, additional everyday activities such as eating, chewing, frowning, smiling, also has an effect on the skin, leading to wrinkles. A proper nutritious diet, relaxation, medication and a balanced schedule can always help to reduce wrinkles.

To counter aging, there is a vast array of beauty products in the market. Sunscreen not only protects your skin as you move around, it also prevents aging that occurs due to harsh weather conditions. Skin cleansers clean the pores that can gather substances that irritate the skin. The dull look of an uneven skin due to dryness can be countered by a moisturizer. Alpha Hydroxyl Acids (AHA) or fruit acids detach dead skin deposited on the surface leaving your skin smooth and glowing. Apart from all these cosmetics, one thing that really helps wrinkles to stay away is facial exercise. Facial exercise keeps the face muscles well toned giving the skin a firmer look and a younger feel.

As per scientific research, we have learned that when a person grows old, the cells in the body are not renewed at the same rate, as they did when they were young. The growth of cells is uneven as we age, and often we are unable to prevent water retention. All this just adds to the probability of wrinkles developing at a faster rate.

Wrinkles are a natural part of aging, and one cannot do much to retard their formation after a particular age. But medical science has been quite successful in formulating creams to smooth off or even retard the formation wrinkles. Beauty creams are available with DNA and RNA ingredients to optimize skin tone and give it firmness. Some companies have developed creams with collagen and elastin in order to fill wrinkles and give the facial skin a lift. Collagen and elastin being natural proteins which help build skin structure; these skin-care products actually stimulate the production of natural collagen and elastin, thus rejuvenating the skin. Some products also use ceramides for hydrating the skin and hyaluronic acid to give the skin volume, avoiding shrinking and wrinkling of the skin.

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