Belly Dancing: Keeping you trim

by Paul J Eastwood

Dancing is a great way to get into better physical condition. Belly dancing is a particularly challenging dance that will go a long way to firming you up and helping you lose some weight. Dance has become very popular lately; just take a look at the offerings on television. Weight loss is always a popular subject as well. Now put those two things together and you have a very popular way to lose weight Fit TV

Belly dancing has a television show all of its own now. It?s called Shimmy and it appears on the station Fit TV. It gives the viewer a half hour belly dancing lesson that is taught by exotic and beautiful belly dancing professionals. They will show the viewer the steps broken down for easy learning. Each step is started off slowly so that the viewer has the opportunity to learn the move. As the viewer masters the move the pace is increased and before they know it they are belly dancing in their living room.

The Pace

Each particular episode of this belly dancing show starts off with a warm up routine that gets the viewer prepped for the workout to come. After the warm up is completed the instruction part of the show begins. You can learn up to four different moves in one episode. The moves are designed to work out the different parts of the body. Exercise becomes fun with this enjoyable method of dance.

Once the instruction part of the show is finished, there is a segment for a performance. Using the moves that the viewer just learned the instructor will perform a routine. The viewer has the choice of watching and enjoying the show or they can try to perform along with the instructor. Finally a freestyle section will close out the show.

The Calorie Effect

It has been shown that belly dancing can burn between 250 to 300 calories an hour. This means that just one episode of Shimmy will burn around 150 calories. This exercise will strengthen the abdominal muscles as well as burn calories. The abdominal benefit alone makes this exercise program an important step toward physical fitness.

Belly dancing works on the muscles that surround the spine. If you practice regular belly dancing you will have a trim and fit waistline in no time at all. Check with the television listings for the next episode of Shimmy. Then you can start belly dancing your way to a great shape.

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