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by Irene Maseko

Starting a vegetarian diet is always the subject of hot debate when discussed with family and friends no matter what your reason for becoming one. Many people start a vegetarian diet purely for health reasons. While a vegetarian diet is among the healthiest ways to eat, certain nutrients can be lacking on a diet that contains no animal products at all.

Placing children on a vegetarian diet can be beneficial to their health as it limits their exposure to animal products that may contain hormones and preservatives. Although it is healthy, children need to have a nutritious diet so it is well worth doing some checking before giving them 100% vegetarian food.

Of course one of the major benefits of a vegetarian diet is the amount of fruit vegetables and whole grains that are consumed on a regular basis. This type of diet would help address many of the health concerns which surround obesity because it helps eliminate excess amounts of protein and animal fats found in the standard diet. Of course the health benefits are well known if you have a low fat and cholesterol diet.

Another benefit of a high fiber diet is that our systems digest it faster and of course it doesn’t take as long to grow as meat. Most of distant ancestors didn’t eat much meat if at all. Even in restaurants today where vegetarian options are listed it is worth checking o see if they contain dairy products or eggs.

Medical research into the vegetarian diet highlights some interesting statistics. Scientific studies carried out on the effects that meat has on people has caused increasing numbers to become vegetarian. Vegetarians are also less likely to develop any heart disease, 50% less likely in fact. Many people, at some point in their lives become vegetarian even if only for a short while.

It is in America today where the health benefits of being a vegetarian would be most keenly noticed. Eating meat is quite normal and enjoyable to many people so you can understand the difficulty there is in converting people to a vegetarian diet. For a successful change to occur though, you must not consider a vegetarian diet as just a replacement for a meat based diet.

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