Burning Calories: Measure Heart Rate With Polar S720i

by Adam Peters

Running is a great way to burn calories, keep fit and lose weight. Monitoring body activity during exercise is a wise move.

Polar S720i

There are a few items and accessories that will add significantly to the running/exercise experience. Beyond a top-quality pair of shoes, each individual might want to take a bit of time to get comfortable running clothes that fit. Some even feel the investment in a heart rate monitor, such as the Polar S720i, provides good information on how the body is responding to the workout. (Others feel the Polar 720i is ideal for bicycle training and exercise.)

Calories Burned While Running

Running is wonderful exercise and a great pastime. No expensive equipment is required and the activity can take place indoors during winter and bad weather, as well as outdoors at the appropriate time. Running is also a very good way to burn up those calories, whether the goal is weight loss or getting into shape for competition. Most runners have a few questions they would like to answer in connection with their running activity. Many of these questions involve how many calories are burned, how the heart is doing during running etc.

The number of calories burned depends on several things, including starting weight of the individual, how many miles are run, intensity or pace of the run, and so on. Increasing the number of calories burned is not necessarily easy but it is possible to make changes in your regimen to increase the number of calories used up.

As for keeping track of how the body is doing during running activity, the Polar S720i monitor and other quality heart rate monitors can be an invaluable addition to the running clothes, shoes and equipment bag.

Run For How Long?

As a place to start looking at calories burned, a steady mile run will burn 100 calories or slightly more, depending on conditions. This varies with individual weight, of course. Most experienced runners emphasize starting slowly and building up mileage as you see the benefits of running or don’t see the benefits of running. There are a number of good guidebooks on how to build up a running program so the body can move through the various stages smoothly.

Increasing Intensity

As the individual increases the intensity of his or her running, or tries running on more difficult terrain, the number of calories burned will increase. When these changes are made, it is wise to have monitor system such as the bike computers or polar 720i review to keep track of heart rate and other numbers critical to a successful running plan. For example, running outdoors on hilly terrain will increase calories burned but will also put more stress on the heart.

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