Can I Really Get Rid Of Those Unsightly Old Acne Scars?

by Donald Saunders

Just as you think you have finally got the last of your acne spots cleared up it rears its ugly head again. Are you sick and tired of the battle with acne on an almost daily basis? There is of course a reason for your break outs and you simply have to find out just what it is. Normally this is by a process of elimination. The problem could be as simple as the soap you use. It could also have a lot to do with the type of skin you have. These forms of acne are normally fairly easy to clear up. Once you get bad acne cleared up however it may well have left you with scars.

If your acne does leave scars on your face then what are you to do? Nobody wants to carry scars on their face. The worst scars will almost certainly be from acne that was harder to clear up or that you didn’t take care of properly.

This is the very worst thing which you can do when your face breaks out in spots. The best way to clear your face is simply to wash it and then apply either an over the counter medicine or a prescription medicine, whichever gives you the best results, and then to simply leave well alone.

If however, you end up with scars and are mortified and need to get rid of them, there may be a few options that you can try. Before trying any method for getting rid of acne scars, you should consult your doctor. He can advise you on what might be the best treatment for you. Remember you only have one face so be very careful.

Let’s take a quick look at are some examples of the most popular types of scar removal available today.

One of the commonest treatments you can find for clearing acne scars is dermabrasion which employs an anesthetic applied your skin and a high speed brush which removes layers of the skin. Along with the skin, your acne scars are also taken off and, when your skin is totally revitalized, your scarring will either have disappeared or will be far less visible.

Many people today also choose laser treatment using carbon dioxide lasers which can reduce the size of the scars and blend them in to your skin if they are curved or irregular in shape. Occasionally this can be done in one laser treatment but the skin will not clear completely for several weeks as this method works by burning the skin tissue.

There is a surgerical option to remove deep and pitted acne scars. This technique is known as punching. The scar is removed by cutting down into the fat layer below the surface of the skina and the hole made is then either stitched closed or a skin graft is applied.

Depending upon the particular type of acne scarring you have, some of your scars may not disappear as a result of using dermabrasion and pink or red acne scars known as keloids may remain. Indeed some treatments for acne can cause keloids to form. For this form of scarring either a steroid applied to the skin around the scar or injections of steroid drugs are used. Alternatively, a topical retinoid can be put on the scars. This type of acne scarring is generally difficult to treat and success will vary markedly from one person to the next.

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