Fat Cow Thin Cow

by Huge Chickie

It has long been believed that extreme exercise is the only way to lose weight. This is a wrong belief. Moderate exercise daily will shed those unwanted pounds.

Dieting is usually decided upon because of an extra 20 pounds. This is the amount the average America wants to lose and can be lost by daily exercises that occur in every day life. Moderate exercises are these that the human does daily.

Working out should not be something at which people will grimace. To get started in working out moderately, one must first assess their present daily activity. Then, once they have determined the level of their activity and whether it is enough daily, goals can be set to advance that level or maintain it properly.

A person who has a job in a building with more than one floor can work out daily by skipping the elevator once a day. Instead of riding the coach up to their floor in the morning, the person can take the stairs. This one simple, moderate exercise will show results without straining the person or even appearing to be exercise.

If there are not stairs around, another example is taking a walk around the block or two after dinner or at lunch. This will not take long so the person will be home or back to work in no time. Moderate forms of exercise that are the best are jogging, walking or running.

Aerobic exercises that are fun and do not seem to be exercise are swimming, skiing and bicycling. Moderate exercises that can also help lose weight are gardening and cleaning the house. Bending down, getting up, picking things up and moving around perform this duty.

A moderate exercise can be anything that has the potential to cause a sweat to break out on your brow. Getting on a stationary bike for 10 to 20 minutes a day is also another form of moderate exercise. This actual working out causes many people to not consider it as a moderate exercise like walking or gardening.

If you need just a couple of items from the store, walk instead of driving. Every Saturday, take your family on a mile or two bike ride. These moderate exercises will make the weight disappear without notice or interrupting your daily life.

Set a goal for one year ahead. Mark down on the calendar that you wish to lose that 20 pounds in exactly one year. Mark down dates to check the weight loss at one month, three months and six months.

Setting this goal will help in generating a desire to perform the moderate exercise you have chosen. This desire and a little self-control will push you to getting to your goals. Eating right will also help in reaching your goals.

Maintaining the desire to lose the weight is the key to successful moderate exercise. The knowledge that you are climbing the stairs instead of taking the elevator once a day to lose weight will help in keeping at it. Once it becomes a habit of daily life, you will continue to lose weight and keep it off.

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