Fat, Fads, and Fact

by Joel Riley

So you think you need to lose some weight and you want to do it in a hurry; take the easy road. All you have to do is sit down at your computer and type in “diets” and you will finds hundreds of them; they are generally called “fad diets” and some are potentially hazardous to your health. In this email I will try to explain a few of these diets and help you sort out the concepts of how they work.

One popular diet fad most people have heard about is the Atkins Diet. This diet works on the theory that if you consume a lower amount of carbohydrates, you’ll lose a large amount of weight in less time than most other diets.

With this diet you will also lose important vitamins and nutrients you need to stay healthy and energetic. Carbs are what give you energy; a very important part of your diet. Eliminating them can cause serious side effects.

The “Medifast Diet” centers on eating one specific type of food and eliminating all others. This is quite harmful because it is the variety of food that gives you the nutrition you need to stay healthy. Subscribers to this diet usually have the specific type of food mailed to them, which can be quite expensive and generally includes two weeks’ worth of food.

Then there’s the NutriSystem diet. Their quick and convenient pre-packaged meals come in many different dishes, which is what sets it apart from most of the diet programs out there – choice and variety! It may be effective, but so is good, old-fashioned, fresh, healthy food – and it’s cheaper.

Another low carbohydrate type of diet is called the “South Beach Diet”; similar to the Atkins Diet, which eliminates carbs and promises fast weight loss. These are pre-packaged types of diets and are sold at the grocery store. Like the Atkins, it is not suggested you remove the intake of carbohydrates from your diet; it can lead to health problems

Then we come to the ever popular Slim-Fast. Why do some of these programs insist on putting “fast” in the name of their products? To sell better, of course. This product comes in powder form that you can add to skim milk to make weight loss shakes.

These only skim the list of the many diet fads out there today. Be sure to check with your doctor before embarking on one of these diet adventures. Make sure it’s healthy for you before you take a chance and possibly risk your health. More important, educate yourself about eating a healthy and balanced diet and don’t rely on any one system that tries to guarantee a quick and easy way out.

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