Got Milk? How About Water and Juice?

by Joel Riley

Just because a drink says “juice” doesn’t mean it is healthy. Many juice drinks aren’t even juice at all and are full of sugar, just as sodas are. You have to be selective if you want to choose the healthy things for your kids to drink.

There are a lot of reasons why you have to be selective when choosing the right drinks for your kids because many of them lack what their bodies need for proper development through the years. They also don’t have the vitamins and nutrients they need; so be picky.

Here are some basic essentials that are what your children need.

The most essential and most important drink your children need is water. Unfortunately, most do not get even half of the basic needs their bodies require, due to the unlimited variety of other beverages to offer from.

What water lacks is taste and that’s why so many kids don’t drink it. If this is the case, try adding some flavor to it with some lemon slices. You can also serve it very cold or even slushy; this gives them something more than just plain water.

Don’t be fooled by the so called flavored waters on the market; they may not have as many calories as other drinks, but they lack the essential vitamins your children need. Good ole tap water is till your best bet.

There are a lot of falsehoods concerning juices concerning the amount of juice your child drinks. It’s been shown that no matter how much they drink they will not become overweight adults; it’s still a healthy choice.

Water is always the best alternative but juice is still plenty safe for your child as long as its real juice with real fruit juices and not imitation. Check the labels and make sure of what you are buying. Some juices have less than 2% juice and the rest is pure sugar.

A child need a healthy amount of calcium a day and that is provided in milk. Some kids enjoy drinking milk whereas others you might have to flavor it up with something; even with that, it is far healthier than soda or imitation juices.

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