Great Tips To Get 6 Pack Abs

by Alan Bryan

In doing a simple search for “6 pack abs” on the internet, you will find hundreds of thousands of results. Some of the results for 6 pack abs contain very useful information, and others contain information that is just flat out ridiculous. Achieving 6 pack abs takes work and dedication; there simply is no fool proof plan or shortcut to 6 pack abs.

An important point in getting 6 pack abs, is understanding you can not focus specifically on the abdominal region. You read correctly, focusing on the abdominal region too much will derail your efforts for 6 pack abs. Fostering lean muscle production in your entire body must be a priority.

Getting your body in proper condition to foster 6 pack ab development is an important step. Body fat levels need to be low enough where lean muscle can be built and maintained. Getting 6 pack abs means more than just doing some sit ups. Strong cardiovascular work, light weight lifting over your total body, and a healthy diet are all key contributors.

Eating habits are a key contributor to the body’s ability to build lean muscle and 6 pack abs. Foods high in processed and refined ingredients will wreck havoc on your body’s metabolic rate. Whole grains, nuts, and natural proteins are all great foods that will fuel your body correctly. It is difficult to stay away from processed and refined foods all the time, however, limiting the intake will speed up your results for 6 pack abs dramatically. A sensible diet plan will keep you on track.

Lifting light weights and using cardiovascular exercise at the beginning has helped many people in the quest for 6 pack abs. Getting total body conditioning and then diving into targeting the ab muscles will show better results.

Another great tip is to understand resistance training in getting 6 pack abs. Most exercises do not involve any resistance to build muscle. Sit ups, crunches, and other exercises are sometimes effective, but building lean muscle requires resistance. The same is true for abdominal muscles. Find some creative ways to add resistance to your ab muscles and watch the results get supercharged. Medicine balls and hanging lifts are a few ideas to get you started.

Another key is varying your workout. Giving your body rest and recovery time is vital to getting 6 pack abs. However, do not fall in the trap of thinking rest and recovery means only alternating days between weights and cardio. While this is important, you must also rest between stages of your daily workouts. Go hard on the treadmill for 5 minutes, then slow down for 5. Take breaks between intense reps on weights.

By taking a measured approach, your chances of succeeding in getting 6 pack abs, losing belly fat, and improving overall fitness are greatly increased. Don’t forget, you can’t eat McDonald’s every day and achieve results – make sure a sensible diet program is also involved.

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