Home Air Cleaner For Indoor Pollutants

by Jason Mann

There are many harmful materials present in the air around us, and air pollution can be a health hazard. Controlling or eliminating the sources of the pollutants can combat this environmental health risk. You can ventilate your home with clean air from outside, but sometimes, due to weather conditions, this may not be practical. Hence a home air cleaner can be useful to remove the pollutants from the air inside your home.

The design of a home air cleaner can be created in such a way that the installation can take place within the duct of the central heating system. As an alternative it can also be located in the ventilating or air conditioning duct. This allows the air in the house as a whole to be cleaned but with the help of a portable home air cleaner, the air in a single room or specific area can be cleaned instead of the full house.

How It Works

The majority of home air cleaners have a mechanical air filter. The filters do their job by trapping large airborne particles such as dust, dust mites, pollen, cockroach allergens, mold and pet dander. Nonetheless these particles settle rapidly and they cannot be completely removed by the air filters. When further movement takes place within the house, these particles are disturbed and the larger ones settle once more before the filters have managed to pick them up.

Most home furnaces and air conditioners utilize flat panel air filters and serve a dual purpose as home air cleaners. Although these filters are primarily designed to protect the equipment from particle buildup, they also filter out pet allergens, dust mites, bacteria and viruses.

The portable home air cleaner has a fan to circulate the air and uses filters to clean the air. It can be moved from one room to the other and can be used wherever air cleaning is required. It is quite effective in reducing airborne pollutants, and depends on the size of the room or area it is placed in.

Health Issues

The home electronic air cleaner also removes small particles, but it is ineffective at removing larger particles. Electronic air cleaners can turn out ozone, which can irritate the lungs. Ultra fine particles may also be produced and this happens as a consequence of ozone mixing with indoor chemicals such as air fresheners and cleaning products. Such particles may cause unpleasant health problems.

The home air cleaner definitely helps to reduce levels of smaller airborne allergens or particles. But it is not able to remove particles like microorganisms, which can cause disease.

A home air cleaner can be very useful in a house with children, the elderly or those suffering with respiratory conditions such as asthma. However, as far as the larger particles are concerned they may not be of any help whatsoever.

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