Instant Relief for Asthma Symptoms – Naturally

Out of every 15 students, one will suffer from asthma symptoms. It has an effect on physical activity, sports involvement, school, friends, and every aspect of their life. Many individuals seek out quick and natural treament for their asthma attacks instead of loading up their bodies with chemicals. Keep in mind, though, that asthma treatment
using natural remedies hinges on the specific trigger at the root of the attack.

Asthma has many different triggers or mechanisms that will start an asthma attack. Among the many triggers are mold, pets, chemicals, smoke, perfume, cleaning agents, food allergies, emotional stress, environmental allergens, changes in barometric pressure, cold temperatures, and pests like rats and cockroaches.

The range of treatments for asthma attacks encompasses steroids, drugs and ongoing medical intervention. One immediate natural relief for asthma is to avoid the triggers such as avoiding pets, chemicals, environmental allergens and emotional stress. Unavoidable triggers include cold weather, animal and pest droppings, and changes in the barometric pressure.

Other triggers, including things that stress you emotionally, can be dealt with using stress reducing natural remedies. Others rely on organic foods and herbal supplements that can help reduce the possibility of suffering an attack.

Another way of obtaining natural relief from asthma symptoms is to build up your immune system and reduce the constrictions of the air sacs found in the lungs. Families use aerosolized hydrogen peroxide in a humidifier to increase the amount of oxygen that a sufferer is able to metabolize.

Adding hydrogen peroxide to the humidifier has been shown to have a positive effect on increasing the amount of oxygen that is able to be used. Hydrogen peroxide will help the vaporization process, but can unfortunately bleach the walls and curtains around the vaporizer. If your physician approves, you can add hydrogen peroxide to your bronchodilator equipment, as long as you do it properly.

This method works to eliminate attacks and helps to enhance your immune system, but it doesn’t get to the root causes of the disease. Other methods of decreasing emotional stress will also give immediate natural relief for an asthma attack caused by stress. One method is the use of Reiki or a Japanese technique used for stress reduction and relaxation that promotes healing.

Reiki is based on the idea of an unseen life force of energy that supposedly flows through us and what causes life. If the life flow is low then we are supposedly more likely at that time to get sick and feel stress. If the Reiki is high we are more capable, happy and healthy. Reiki gives instant natural relief from asthma symptoms, and also heals the entire system – mind, body, spirit and emotions.

Using prevention and stress reduction will help decrease the need for medications and immediate natural relief for asthma attacks.