More about man boobs

by Caleb Lee

The moobs have become a normal part of male human body especially during the development period. During the puberty period males actually have the tendency of having sensitive nipples and this also attributes to the actual appearance of having moobs. Even doctors are saying the same thing theses days as well, that the moobs have become a normal part of the human male body.

Though it looks funny and patients are ofetn subject to ridiule, Gynecomastia is a serious medical condition. While it is not fatal, it has immense physiological and psycholgy effect on the person suffering from it to cause lifetime impairment of normal life.

It is mainly caused by a medical condition that is called Gynecomastia. If any male has this special medical condition then he might have abnormally big and large mammary glands. This situation is actually caused by a sheer imbalance of hormone. It is unlike Estrogen which is a female sex hormone and that actually triggers the growth of the breast during the female puberty.

On the other hand Testosterone is a pure male sex hormone that prevents the breasts from developing bigger and larger in size. But, the abnormality of Gynecomastia occurs when a male child or boy goes through the puberty development period by developing really an excessive amount or quantity of Estrogen. It results in an abnormally enlarged pair of breasts. Gynecomastia supplements can help help a great way in this regard.

The reasons behind the hormonal imbalance can be many. Firstly, it could be the result of some kind of medications that produces oestrogen in a really large quantity. These medications are of three different types? finasteride, cimetidine and spironolactone. These medicines increase the level of oestrogen in a male body causing the development of enlarged breasts or man boobs.

It is actually caused by the exceptional medical disorder or abnormality that is called gynecomastia. Men, who have this particular medical disorder must have really large and big mammary glands. This particular medical imbalance is mainly caused by an imbalance of hormones. It is a female hormone called Estrogen, which works as the catalyst in the development of the breasts during the period of female puberty in the female bodies.

Nonetheless, obesity is another very common and obvious reason why a man may be experiencing male boobs. In that case, the excess fat actually tends to get stored at the frontal part of a male?s body. And that is the reason why obesity might play a major role behind developing big and large man boobs. Ultimate gynemax can help in reducing male boobs in this case.

However, there are also a number of reasons why numerous people suffer from this particular medical disorder, and surprisingly that is all over the world! Firstly, It can be the outcome or the side effect of some medications that can act as a catalyst in order to produce Estrogen hormone in a really large amount. Secondly, If any tumour is developed in that particular part of the body then it has every chance to form this medical abnormality of developing big and large boobs.

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