Removing Stretch Marks The Effective Way

by Maia Pells

Stretch marks have been plaguing a lot of people for a long time now. This condition is hard to avoid since it occurs as our body changes naturally. But contrary to popular belief, there are ways to prevent stretch marks from developing. You can also find methods for removing stretch marks that have already aged.

It can take time to remove the lines. It’s hard to remove stretch marks that have already formed because these are actually scars. And unlike the scars on the surface of our skin, stretch marks are even harder to get rid of because they are formed in the middle layers of the skin. This layer is called the dermis and these scars only develop when there is a rapid growth in the body. For example during your teen years, your body starts to expand so stretch marks will definitely start to form.

Stretch Mark and Pregnancy – Likewise for pregnant women, the body parts that begin to expand are the breasts, thighs, and abdomen. Hormones also contribute to these bodily changes. Stretch marks develop because when the body expands, the underlying tissues get stretched. And once they have reached their limits, they begin to tear. The collagen production is also interrupted that is why it cannot heal these torn tissues which results to the formation of these unsightly marks.

Surgery as an Option – Some people find it very hard to live with their stretch marks and want it removed as soon as possible. So they start considering the different surgical procedures for removing stretch marks. The more famous methods are laser surgery, tummy tuck, and dermabrasion.

Other Surgical Options – Although a tummy tuck will help you get rid of stretch marks, this procedure will leave you with a visible scar because this operation was in the first place actually meant for removing stubborn fats. There are major risks involved in undergoing this major operation and it will leave you in pain for several weeks because you will need time to heal.

Dermabrasion – A less risky method is laser surgery but it will not be an effective treatment for scars that have already aged. Dermabrasion is a simple procedure of stripping away the dead skin cells. Even if this is not a serious procedure, the results will not leave you satisfied because there is no guarantee that all of your stretch marks will be removed.

Natural Solutions – If you do not have the desire to risk your life or pay too much just to get rid of your marks then maybe you should opt for the natural way. There is a stretch mark prevention product in the market that is made up of all natural substances. The components of this formula are aloe vera, grapefruit seed extract, squalene oil, DL-penthenol, and vitamins A, D, and E. These ingredients work together to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin to make the skin more elastic and strong, thus keeping the tissues from breaking. Furthermore, some of the ingredients work as antioxidants and they help heal the skin.

Penetrating the Roots – This product prevention product works more effectively than other treatments because it penetrates the skin and reaches the root of the problem. It also doesn’t employ synthetic chemicals like other removing stretch marks products. And with continued use of the cream, you will no longer worry about getting stretch marks ever again because the formula will prevent this from happening.

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