Reviewing Autism Research Benefits

autistic disorder

There have been many breakthroughs in the world of autism research in just the last few years and these have allowed those with an autistic disorder to live better lives, as well as to help their families cope in a much better way. Children who have autism normally show signs of problems with their communication skills and are unable to form relationships with others, as early as the age of two.

Studies on autism have been done to try and prove if there is a genetic link to an autistic disorder. Within these studies, the genes that are related to speech and speech development were scrutinized to find out if the delays that autistic children exhibit could be genetic. One such study showed that rare genetic abnormalities existed with a certain chromosome and were one hundred times more prevalent in autistic people. It was therefore concluded that this itself could be one of the many causes of autism. It was also found that most people with autism did not have the mutation, meaning that other genes also must be involved in the process.

Products that contain gluten, such as barley, rye, wheat and some oat products, have been shown through autism research to have a damaging affect on children who have an autistic disorder. The gluten can actually be detrimental to the brain, the bowels and even puts extreme stress on the immune system. After this was discovered, many physicians prescribed a gluten free diet for their autistic patients, and after being on this diet for about 3 months, many parents stated that their child was better able to focus on tasks, that their skills in language improved and that the child was better able to socialize with others.

As time passes, autism research will hopefully give us more results on what can help children with an autistic disorder and allow them to become more active in society, as well as how to deal with everyday issues. The research has already given us solid information about how autistic children can be affected by things such as the foods they eat, which has enabled many children to have better lives just by removing those foods from their diets. The more we can understand about this disorder, the more we will be able to help the children who suffer.