Shock Report Shows Long Life Milk is Major Cause of Brain Disease

by Russell Eaton

Brain disease can be caused by a variety of factors such as the accumulation of heavy metals in the brain, alcoholism, faulty genes, malnutrition, and even lifestyle factors. But a new discovery shows that UHT milk (also known as Long Life milk) is one of the biggest dietary causes of brain disease.

The food we eat and drink is responsible for most brain disease. Genes and smoking are also responsible for brain disease, but to a lesser extent.

Here we are referring to serious neurodegenerative diseases such as Huntington’s, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and Lou Gehrig’s Disease. All these diseases are mainly caused by damaged proteins.

Brain disease is caused when damaged proteins accumulate in the brain over time. Virtually all the scientific research into this subject and the many published studies support this view.

How does UHT milk come into the picture? Up until recently few people realized that UHT milk is particularly high in damaged proteins. Even fewer people realized an astonishing fact: that as a consequence, UHT milk is one of the biggest dietary causes of brain disease.

This hasn’t been noticed before because it can take many years for brain disease to develop, and the big growth in UHT milk sales is a recent development.

UHT milk is not the same as regular pasteurized milk. It has a different molecular structure. UHT milk is pasteurized at twice the temperature of regular milk (and about 57 percent higher the homogenization pressure). This drastically changes the fundamental nature of milk, making it very high in damaged proteins.

In the USA and Canada about 10 percent of all milk sold is UHT, although the market for UHT is growing rapidly. And about 80 percent of all organic milk sold in North America is UHT. In other countries such as France, Belgium and Spain nearly all types of milk are UHT.

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