The Secret Of Using Green Tea For Weight Loss

by Jim Olio

Do you need something to help you to achieve the weight loss that you are striving for? If your answer is yes, you should try using green tea for weight loss. There are several choices of green teas to help you lose weight. In addition to helping shave off the pounds, green tea is also beneficial for your overall health.

The main benefit of green tea leaves comes from the fact that they are not fermented before they are dried or steamed. This preserves the antioxidant, antiviral, and anti- cancer properties of green tea. Using green tea for weight loss is attributed to its fat flushing properties. Green tea has many health benefits besides weight loss and has a clean, fresh taste.

Research has proven that individuals who have a bottle of green tea for weight loss each day for 90 days lose a larger percentage of their body fat than control group subjects who do not. That is because of the catechins contained in the green tea and weight loss is facilitated by the fat cleansing ability of catechins. Your body is able to use up calories more quickly the result is lower body fat. Green tea suppresses hunger as well.

Although several teas are made from the plant Camellia Sinensis, green tea is more effective at fighting fat than the other kinds of tea. For those who do not particularly like the taste of green tea, pills containing green tea are ideal. These pills offer similar benefits to drinking the green tea for weight loss and are widely available in health food stores.

At each meal, you will usually take 1-2 green tea pills. Taking the pills instead of drinking green tea for weight loss throughout the day does not have an increased effect on weight loss. The main difference in taking the pills is that the green tea remains in your body for a longer period of time.

There is yet another option for those of you who do not care for the taste of green tea or prefer not to take pills. The green tea patch is a new option to use the benefits of green tea for weight loss without having to brew up a pot of tea. The patch is used as a weight loss aid that sticks to your skin all day. Remember that if you have any allergies, especially adhesive allergies, to consider what is used in making the patch stick.

You have a several choices when it comes to green tea for weight loss. But before starting any program to lose weight, consult with your physician to decide what is the best way for you to reach your health goals.

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