Top Reasons Why Diets Don’t Work

How many diets have failed you in your bid to lose weight? What is it with diets that simply don’t work? It’s incredible how many people still teach the myth that dieting by eating less will bring about weight loss. The truth is that when we restrict our food intake we could actually gain weight instead of losing it. We are designed to interpret restricted food consumption with starvation. By restricting our food intake we trigger our body’s starvation preservation mode.

Research tells us that people who are able to maintain a healthy weight normally eat have diets that contain plenty of complex carbohydrates (such as veggies, cereals etc) and individuals who are overweight follow diets that have a lot more fat and starchy carbs. Understanding what studies tell us about what contributes to weight loss is important when designing a weight loss plan. One of the best ways to lose weight quickly is to adopt a low carb diet where you’re very careful about the carbs you eat each day, but are not too concerned about the other foods. Don’t see this as an excuse to overeat, as you still need to watch quantities, by keeping your portion sizes down, and make sure you get the right balance of healthy and nutritious foods which are also low in saturated fats.

The weight gain is largely a factor of lifestyle and eating habits and the weight gain was not over night but took years to accumulate. As the weight gain didn’t happen overnight, it will also take time to lose weight in a healthy fashion. Individuals who do not understand the balance between eating right, drinking enough water, exercising and getting proper amounts of sleep are the next customers to those pushing the current fad diet, lose weight pill or quick weight loss tips. You can find these fad diets, pills and programs in every media including TV, radio, magazines, books, and the Internet. Because most individuals today have been programmed to want everything now, it’s much easier to think (or even believe) that a magic does exist that can burn off fat virtually overnight, than to believe that we have the ability to re-structure our lives and live healthier longer lives where being overweight is in the dim and distant past.

Diets fail because they do not show you how to create a balance within your body. Diets are doomed to failure because they are structured towards making someone or some company money rather than creating a weight loss plan or program that will sincerely aid a person to lose weight.

It’s widely documented that those who are carrying excess weight are more likely to succumb to illnesses and other serious health issues owing to being overweight. Eating high levels of saturated fat is a major contributor to unnecessary body fat.

For too many years people have been instructed that they need to cut down on food or rigorously count calories in the hope that they will lose weight. In reality our bodies are very proficient when it has to manage weight assuming that we give our bodies what they need to stay healthy – like making sure you get plenty of rest, plenty of water, wholesome and nutritious foods, and daily physical activity.

Losing weight is not simply about calorie counting, you also need to avoid eating in excess. Healthy portions of healthy foods are vital to losing weight. Equally important to losing weight is to keep physically active. Our bodies like to be physically active!