Weight Loss: Keep Your Willpower Intact When Ordering Takeout

by Joel Riley

If you are watching your weight and sometimes are tempted to “cheat”, it is easy to see why. With the way advertisements are geared it’s no wonder there is an obesity epidemic in the United States today.

Unfortunately, those ads can sabotage us when we’re trying to stick to our diets. One effective advertisement and you can cost yourself too many calories or fat for the day, but more important is the mental damage it does when you decide to give up your whole diet just because you had one bad day

Sometimes it is not as easy as barricading yourself inside and never watching TV again; this isn’t a realistic solution to the situation. You have to be stronger than your cravings and steadfast to your commitment to your health

By remembering that the ads are designed to sway and tempt you to splurge, the food never tastes quite as good as it looks. Who enjoys a lukewarm, smashed up burger with a bun that is soaked in grease? Somehow it just kind of kills the desire to gorge myself on fast food.

Don’t be afraid to order your food the way you prefer it. After all you have gone to the trouble to load up in the car, drive to the restaurant and you should be able to get the food you want, you are the customer afterall.

Use drive-throughs – Many times, you plan ahead what you’re going to order, but then you’re hit with large, tempting images on the menus inside the restaurant. Drive through menus have some images, but not as many – and it’s easier to divert your eyes away from the board if you already know what you want to order.

Drive throughs are also helpful when the smell of the fries boiling in oil tempts you to order the biggest size available. When you go through the drive through, the smell isn’t as apparent as it is inside.

Deliveries – If a restaurant delivers, use it to your advantage. You can plan what you want and order it without having to go to the establishment to see all of the tempting pictures on the wall. If they don’t deliver, ask someone else to go get your food for you.

If we can take little extra precautions we may avoid putting yourself in a position in which we could be tempted to cheat. It’s not easy to ignore all the food and goodies that we see thrown at us on a daily basis. It’s hard to be on a diet, but the all the hard work is worth it when you stick to your plan.

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