Why Fad Diets Are Bad For You

by Ann Huz

You might be wondering how in the world can fad diets be considered so bad and unhealthy. After all, you’ve seen many ads that claim users experience quick weight loss in a matter of days.

However, what may not be obvious to you is that that manner of fast weight loss will not last and is absolutely not very healthy. The weight a person loses is actually about 90% water which they’ll very certainly gain back just as fast. The reason we regain most, if not all, of that weight back is because our body needs to rehydrate so we do not suffer health problems and in this case, dehydration.

Other than making incredible and almost unbelievable claims, fad diets are usually popular for merely a short period before another equally incredible diet replaces it. A couple of them might actually be based on healthy dieting guidelines, but your doctor could’ve given similar guidelines for free.

Why And How Fad Diets Are Actually Bad For You

1. Fad diets are most often based on just eating more of certain foods while banning some others. Obviously, this will not give you the nourishment that you certainly should get from a well-balanced diet.

You may be asked to take supplements but the body does not absorb some of them unless they are consumed with a variety of natural foods. After a period of time, you eventually start developing nutritional deficiencies.

2. It is not unusual for fad diets to be inflexible and provide a limited menu. After a while, you no longer look forward to your repetitive meals and start craving for a variety of foods. And in the end, you will most likely discontinue the diet. Even worse, you might start blaming yourself for having failed even though the overly rigid fad diet should be faulted.

3. Quite a few fad diets do not integrate adequate amounts of vegetables or fruits. Such diets do not give you an assortment of nutritional sources that’s essential for maintaining your health. As an example, the diet may be one that espouses mostly low carb foods resulting in nutritional deficiencies if consumed for a long period.

4. Fad diets boasting quick weight loss just end up with results that are not permanent. You’ll experience cycles of losing weight, then regaining that weight which is really worse than if you just had remained overweight and not tried the fad diet in the first place.

So whatever the ads may claim, those kinds of diets will be detrimental over the long term. Definitely, the most healthy way to gain and maintain weight loss is for you to consume a healthy diet and exercise regularly, and certainly avoid fad diets.

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