You Can Stop Drinking Alcohol

by Ed Philips

I shall present myself as Jonathan Woodgate, Alcoholic for 22 years and presently carry out a pretty active life. I am not really that keen on talking about my past but I am doing so in helping others that may like to learn from my example. You will sooner or later get fed up with being called a waste of space or a loser.

I have just reached the grand age of 65 and have now been dry for the past 2 years. I really didn’t have much of a choice as my doctor had been quite blunt with me one day and said “quit now or die”. I don’t suppose it took me very long to come to my senses and I made a decision.

I was married and I have 2 lovely kids which I had never seen for 16 years. I look back it now and think to myself, how can I have been so stupid, not seeing my kids for 16 years, yes it was all my own fault, and please don’t feel guilty for me, that’s not why I’m writing this. I like to basically tell you drinking isn’t and shouldn’t be part of your lives, if you want to enjoy the things in life which matter!

When my wife left me and took our beautiful kids with her I was 46 and drinking everyday, she kept telling me to “go and sort my problems out or I’ll leave and take the kids with me”, and like always I thought I knew what was best, and I’d always tell her “I don’t have a drinking problem”. Well that day came and I must admit that was the worst day of my life.

I was thoroughly gutted and as far as I was concerned I only had one option left in my life. I just began to drink more and more in an attempt to forget my misery and the alcohol actually managed to make me forget about my wife and kids.

I was the grand old age of 62, when I got a knock on my front door one morning, and there was the young tall lad stood there, smelling of vodka from the night before I opened the door, and asked “can I help you son?”, and to his reply he asked for me by my name and if so he was my son. Well at first I thought this was some kind of joke, and after a long chat and looking at some pictures he’d brought round I’d released this was my son who I hadn’t seen for 16 years.

His real mission was two fold and I was so pleased when he invited me to his wedding and even more cooperative when he told me that I could only come without being under the influence of alcohol. I wasted no time and the next morning went straight to my local Doctor and explained him my situation. This was the day he was very honest with me and told me straight, that if I didn’t quit drinking that I would most certainly die.

I tried every single thing out there you could think of and to honest nothing seemed to be working, and then my son came across this website I didn’t have much money so my son bought this for me. I had just over 2 years to sort my self out and with the help of my son and this incredible audio and book I did it. It took me 6 months, and I have never touched a drop since.

I admit it was a tough time and I really had to be firm with myself but at the end of the day nothing was going to stop me watching my son getting married and now I am looking forward to walking down the aisle with my daughter.

So why have a I wrote this; One you are never too old in life to quit drinking or quit anything, and if a 63 year old can do it so can you. There are so many things in life which are far more important than having a drink as that’s the easy option, so for once why don’t you try the hard option…the reward’s are far greater.

I know there are people out there like me, and people who are in a similar situation but there is help and I can strongly recommend There’s no harm in trying anything you just need to find the right one that works for you, and it worked for me so it should work for you.

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