2 Tips That Could Save You Hundreds Of Dollars With Movers

by L.Buckley

Whether you’re moving to Dallas or Atlanta or from another city or state, you have packing up your belongings and are on your way to a new home. Here are a few ways to pick the perfect moving company that will meet your needs and choose a quote that wont drain your budget.

When you choose a moving company in Dallas or Atlanta, no matter where you are, make sure that you’re getting the most for your money when it comes to the services the moving company will provide. Picking a moving company in Dallas or Atlanta should be based on the reliability of the company and how accessible the moving company.

For a successful, many things need to be coordinated. Having your contents in order, then having everything possible boxed, done and ready to go, scheduling the truck and making provisions for moving all of the family’s vehicles are among some of the many things one must keep track of when planning a move.

Movers know full well that once the truck is loaded and ready to go, after all the planning you’ve done, you aren’t going to demand that they unload everything. You have dead lines to meet and must get to your new location. Your only protection is to get everything in writing.

One way to avoid this scam is to ask to see the contract up front. Make sure that the way in which they calculate the charge is clear and in writing. Sometimes in order to get away with low-balling the price, a moving company will estimate by volume and then figure the final charge out based on weight. The company is trying to cut their costs, but you will be the one paying in damaged goods when the untrained mover packs you belongings haphazardly or incorrectly.

Confirm with your moving company the day before the scheduled move out date. Make certain that they understand your address. This might not ensure that they show up if they are disreputable, but it will show them that you are on the ball and it might inhibit the likelihood that they will see you as an easy target.

At the very least they should be dressed appropriately for a move. If not, it could be a sign that they might not take good care of your belongings. In some cases a company will say that they will bring a 24′ truck for the job, but might show up with a smaller truck or even a trailer in order to increase the number of trips and run up your bill.

Do your homework, a little research and take the extra steps to ensure that you are being treated fairly before, during and after the move.The best thing for you to make sure that you and your belongings are safe is to check with the better business bureau and find out how well a company services their customers.

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