3 Considerations When Choosing Flooring Products For Your Home

by Adrian Fletcher

So how’s that home refurbishment project going ? If so the chances are you may be considering replacing aging flooring. This article will cover some things you should consider before you select the next flooring products for your home.

The Budget

Ok, The obvious first consideration is how much you can spend on the project as a whole and the flooring product in particular. It would be nice to have really expensive marble flooring for the kitchen but this might be an impractical expectation if your budget is tight. If your project involves more than just the renovation of the floor then you will need to set a proportion of it aside for each part of the development.

You can do this by listing all the things that are required in the project and then dividing the money appropriately. It is crucial that you stay within the budget as this is one of the most common reasons why the project is unsuccessful or never gets completed. If your projected budget does not extend to expensive flooring products then your decision on what flooring to buy becomes simpler.

It quite literally pays to shop around, you can get discounts on the product you select by doing initial investigation on the internet for example. Don’t make a hasty decision about the right flooring product, it may lead to regret later on in the project.

Consider The Amount Of Traffic In Your Home

Never work with children or animals is a much quoted expression in the film industry, the same could be said for flooring as it is liable to wear out far quicker in a house full of kids and their pets. In general, homes with children and animals will experience heavy usage so the flooring products have to have qualities like durability and easy to clean. You may also want to avoid cork or wood flooring because children and pets could easy damage these types of flooring. It could be heart breaking to find dents and stains on your brand new wooden floor so you might think about shelving that idea for the time being.

In this case you want to go for the highly popular vinyl, marble and laminated bamboo flooring. They can be cleaned easily and are hard to stain.

What About Allergies

If your family has asthma sufferers or some other type of environmental based allergy, think carefully before buying any carpet flooring. Carpets are notorious for hiding bacteria, dust and particles that can inflame people with these sorts of health conditions. You will find it harder to clean too and notice that it wears and looks dated more so than other materials. Forget about carpet and look at flooring products like marble, vinyl or laminated flooring that don’t hide dust and other particles and can be cleans with a wet clothe or mop easily.

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