7 Ways To Save A Marriage – Keeping the Love Alive

by Donna York

If you have been married for many years, your marriage may be lacking some luster and fire and you may be tempted to give in. Here are some ideas you can use to rekindle the love in your relationship and make your partner want you more and more and still renew your first love.

Send them a unique gift: Get some crayons and a piece of paper. Draw a bright childlike image with a smiley sun and two stick figures holding hands.

It doesn’t matter if the drawing isn’t perfect but try to make it look as beautiful as you can. Point labels to the two figures with your two names written at the labels. Draw a big heart and write “I love you” or “I still love you” inside it.

Your drawings should be placed and sealed in an envelope and addressed to your partner at her office. The importance of the contents can be highlighted by using a heading such as “For the urgent attention of Miss J Miller” It should be received by your partner at her office in the middle of a tiring and challenging day.

One summer evening, enjoy a picnic together. Bring some chocolates, snacks and champagne. As you enjoy the food, lie down on the blanket and gaze at sky.

You could surprise your partner by delivering a single rose when you know she will be at home. A message such as “You mean everything to me” could be affixed to it.

Prepare a box in readiness for that special massage. You will need some massage oil, a sheet of colored tissue paper and a blank card in addition to a small decorated cardboard box. Arrange the tissue paper in the box. Arrange the massage items on a table and write on the card “Fancy a massage? Call this number now (your phone number)”.

Recall childhood memories by walking into the park together and pushing her on a swing.

Take two big water pistols along with you to the beach. Fill them with water, give one to your partner and have a big water fight.

Determine whether there was something she’s always wanted when she was a little girl. Give this as a gift on her birthday.

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