A Guide To Finding The Right Mastiff Kennels

by Jason Grant

If you are reading this then finding the right mastiff kennels is a priority for you. Making sure your pet bullmastiff is properly cared for when you are away should be a priority. We have prepared some guidelines to use in finding the right mastiff kennels for selection.

The Plan

The following steps should be the very least criteria you use to gauge when locating a prospective kennel for your mastiff. Don’t forget your rights start with your choice. Even though you aren’t buying the kennel you should treat the decision as if you were.

1) Build A List Of Prospective Kennels. Create a list of phone numbers, addresses and business names of potential kennels. Add a column for “Allows Tours” and “Kennel Condition” to each line of data. Call each kennel on your list and ask them if they will allow you to tour their facility. If they say no then immediately remove them from further consideration.

2) Calculate the Kennel’s cleanliness. This will be done using a scale of one to ten. With ten being the worst and one being the best. Pay special attention to the following:

– Are the current mastiffs enclosures free of waste and clean? If not add 4 to the cleanliness score

– Staff’s Cleaning Training Schedule. Find out how often the kennel performs cleaning. If not at least once a day then add 4 to the cleanliness score

– When a dog has a bowel movement do they immediately clean it? If they don’t add 2 to the cleanliness score

Keeping your mastiff’s health in great shape is also a consequence of keeping them in a clean environment. This process should allow you to develop a semi- objective score. This will be used to eliminate the highest cleanliness scores and get rid of all but the lowest.

3) Determine Kennel’s Feeding Schedule. The main concern here is to find out if they will accommodate special request. Part of this would be to determine if you can bring your mastiffs own food to the kennel to avoid upsetting their stomach.

4) Determine The Provided Medical Care. If they provide the right services then when you are going out of town you can use that as a time to have any shots or scheduled check-ups performed. A vet on call should be provided if the Kennel is not associated with a vet’s office. Medical training should be provided by the staff at a rudimentary level.


Eliminating the kennels with cleanliness issues will still leave you with a choice to make. Your choice should be based on price and services. If you utilize all the information you have gathered then you can ensure that you have made the best choice for finding the right mastiff kennels.

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