Accommodating Infrared Home Security Systems in your Home

by Kurt Schefken

Protecting your home is becoming more and more important all of the time. Not so long ago an alarm was a fairly rare sight, however now almost every house has an alarm of some kind. One common kind of security system is a wireless infrared home security system. These are so popular because they are easy to install without having to drill holes and lay cables.

Wireless home security systems are well suited to being used accross drive ways, and also to cover wide areas of ground. Infrared is very useful to cover large areas however it cannot be used to actually transmit your alarm signals. Infrared alarms work by sending out a beam of light, if this beam is broken the alarm will be sounded. This system works well for my property in Torrevieja property.

Infrared security devices are perfect for covering an entire room with just one device. You may have seen similar devices many times in movies! Lots of modern alarms use infrared detectors in order to cover large rooms without having to put sensors on each individual door and window. Wireless home security systems can cover huge areas of ground without having to use separate devices.

Infrared Requires Direct Line Of Sight

There is one disadvantage to using infrared security systems, and that is that they require a direct line of sight. These beams cannot pass through walls, or people. This limits the effectiveness of such a system in certain situations. TV remotes cannot work through walls, and your alarm will be working on exactly the same principle. These cannot be used to send signals to a control unit because they are so unreliable.

It is possible to conceal the units inside walls however you must leave a hole so that the infrared beam can pass through. It’s very easy for burglars to identify where this light is coming from if you are using visible light sensors. This allows the intruder to avoid the beam quite easily.

This makes it possible for certain criminals to avoid the alarm system and so it won’t go off. For this reason lots of people use infrared security systems in combination with some other form of security to make sure the property is completely protected.

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