An Explaination of Router Tables

by Kurt Schefken

Any wood worker knows that it is all about the bit when working with a router table. It is the bit choice that will give you definition, shape and design you want. Router tables have always been as core tool for woodworking, but many handymen are starting to see its use as well. They are finding it can be a great tool for trim and molding work, as well as adding decorative touches everywhere around the house.

Is It Hard?

Many people think adding decorative details is hard and they avoid it altogether. With a router saw, though, it is easier than it looks. All you have to be able to do is guide the wood and you will be a master of the router table. Router table plans are a good thing to have as they will show what each bit can do. All you have to do is find the decorative detail you want on the plan and then find the corresponding tip. It really is quite simple. You have to understand the bits, though.

A Bit About Bits

The ability for a router to add notches and edging patterns is all determined by the bit. The edge of bits are what create beveling or straight edges or deep notches. Dovetail bits are used to create fittings for drawers. There are also other slot cutter and finger joint bits that help to do different things. Specialty bits can be used for a number of projects. They can be used for making special cuts and details. One thing to know about specialty bits is that they make more cuts with one pass than a typical bit. There are even miniature bits for use with small projects and fine details.

Getting the Right Table

Router tables come in different styles to allow for more or less room, depending on your needs. The typical table will be about the same size as a table saw. You can get them smaller or bigger. You can also adjust the height to make it more suitable for your needs.

More About Plans

Router plans will not just show you what a bit can do. They will also show you how to hold the wood to get different designs. The combination of bit and wood angle will create an array of designs and decoration. You can use the plans to put together an amazing design project.

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