Are PODS More Economical Than Renting a Moving Truck?

by L.Buckley

Professional movers and the do it yourself movers really have a run for their money with this new kind of portable on demand storage system thats sweeping the nation. However one has to wonder the cost effectiveness of self moving to the cost of hiring movers to do the job?

Comparing Moving companies, door-to-door moving and the costs of Pods and what they offer has to stir up many questions for consumers. Like what are the advantages and disadvantages. O.k. yes with moving pods you have to pack and unpack the container yourself which is at ground level. This makes for a quicker load of materials.

A pod is basically is storage container that is delivered to your home, you pack it at your leisure; it is then picked up again and taken to your new home. This is a new kind of system that is sweeping the nation. This is so advantageous to people moving because if its versatility.

If necessary it can be stored in between your move at a warehouse. Being that you don’t have to move the pod yourself that makes it even more of a plus to choose this king of system. So, with knowing this do you think the cost is worth it to you?

Now onto the question of how to get a cheap moving pod for your move. As with any moving services, rates will vary at different times of the year. The best suggestion I can give you is to get several quotes from multiple movers at one time to compare the rates and services they offer to you.

Make sure when you accept the quote you get from the mover representative because the size of PODS container when accurately and correctly sized to fit all of the items you need to move meet your requirements. That is another way to keep costs down is to not change your initial container size.

PODS are relatively cheap and cost effective for local moves. However this is not the case for cross-country or interstate moves and ask yourself whether the convenience of PODS is worth paying for. You need to make sure that you cover all the basics of moving and relocating.

One final way to get a reduction is to try and get a discount on your POD by looking for coupons because you might get lucky if a container has been emptied in your area. Keep in mind the time of year that you want to move in. Particular seasons have a drastic rate difference. Remember that the great point to remember with a POD is their ground level move-in ability and length of time you have to keep the container.

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