baby abc scrapbook

by Tracy Ballisager

Abc baby scrapbooking give that extra special meaning. with every page having a different clolor and style. this is sure to bring excitment to your childs life. find out how to make your scrapbook in am alphabetical way.

Before you begin cutting and pasting the frame work for your baby scrap book, first create alist of the abc concept so that each page is represented with the alphabetical letter. remember to start with ageneral theme for your baby scrapbooking project.

Important to know is collecting all the needed materails. remember not to live out any great picture or memento. look through all what you have collected and make up your mind on what will work for the each scrapbook page for the book.great way to keep you focus

To prevent getting all messing and confuse. use a ziploc bags with each of the alphabet letters and keep the items for each page in abag

The side by side pages should match and attached to one major theme.since theses pages are going to one baby scrapbook

If you’re putting a large letter to represent the alphabet on one page, put it on every page. The same goes for any special writing or description. Putting a pattern into your design will give the book a more professional look – and will be beautiful to look at!

Best way to creat this is go it with passions

ABC Baby ScrapBook Page layout Ideas

A- Animal Time B- Bath Time, Birthday C- Cuddle Time, Copy Cat D- Diaper Duty, Dance Time E- Easter, Entertainer F- Fun Time with Friends G- Grandma and Me H- 1st Haircut I- Itty Bitty, I Love You J- Jack in the Box, Jumping Bean K- Karaoke Time, King (baby’s name) L- Larger Than Life, Learning to Read M- Mommy and Me, 1st Meal N- Newborn, Nursery Rhymes

O – Oh Baby P- Papa and Me Q- Quirks and Quips, Queen (baby’s name) R- Reading Time, Rub a Dub Dub S- Snack Time T- 1st Tooth U- Unique You V- 1st Vacation, Valentine W- 1st Words X- XS Package, XMAS Y- Yummy in My Tummy, Yuck (Foods baby doesn’t like) Z- Zoo Trip, ZZZ Bed Time

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