Baby Book Scrapbooking

by Tracy Ballisager

A fun and exciting way to create memories is through baby book scrapbooking. This is an excellent way to properly organize and preserve your baby’s photos. However, you may be wondering how to create the ideal baby book. Below are a few simple steps to help you create a unique keepsake album

1. You will want to begin with a selection of your favorite photos. The pictures are the essence of the book. Therefore, be sure to pick your favorite pictures from your collection. One way to begin your scrapbooking adventure is to work chronologically. You can start with pictures from your pregnancy. From there, you can add photos from the different stages in your baby’s life.

2. The opening page can simply be a short introduction which includes information such as the baby’s name, date of birth, as well as the place of his birth.

3. Try to capture all of your thought s and feelings of your pregnancy. Include things like how you felt waiting on the arrival of your newborn. Journaling is an important aspect of any scrapbook. Therefore, be sure to include your excitement, any concerns you may have experienced and anything else you may feel is important. This is also a great place to put the baby’s first ultrasound pictures. You can also include things like cravings you had, morning sickness and any anecdotes you had. Progression pictures of your growing belly would also make a great addition to the book.

4. You will also want to dedicate a page to your baby shower. Here, you will to include pictures from the shower. If you were lucky enough to have several showers, then you will want to create multiple entries. Be sure to include a list of gifts you received, so that you will always remember who gave you each and every special gift. You may also want to consider making a pocket for keeping cards and well wishes.

5. Next, you will want to design a page about your first day home with the baby. Be sure to include any hospital photos you may have, as well as photos of you and the baby arriving home. It is a good idea to journal the baby’s length, weight and time of birth. When your child is older, he will love looking back on this information. Also, you will want to keep all of the hospital bracelets as keepsake items.

6. In any scrapbook, journaling is extremely important. This is where you can record all of your emotions and thoughts regarding the entire pregnancy, birth and first days at home. Journaling will help you to always remember and cherish these feelings, even years down the road.

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