Baby Shower Themes Can Help You Plan A Perfect Shower

by Lisa Evans

Need to plan a baby shower, but don’t want the stress? With proper planning, and some help from a few friends or family, you can create a very special day for the mother-to-be.

Giving the gift of a Baby Showers is a fantastic way to demonstrate your love and affection – you are “showering” your love on the guest of honor. It is also a chance to help the new mother (or father) prepare the changes in their life with the arrival of a first (or second, third, etc.) child.

We have found that a trio of planning areas can help create a great baby shower. Start with a baby shower theme. Then, create a checklist for the jobs to be done. Lastly, get friends and family to lend a hand.

Baby shower themes can be easily found by searching online at various baby shower decoration and party supply stores. These stores stock patterns and themes from various manufacturers. The theme can become the foundation for your event, helping you and your guest by creating the perfect environment for your shower.

Matching a theme to the guest of honor is easy when you look at the variety of decorating patterns available. Think about the guest of honor – is she expecting twins? Is the child a boy or a girl? Do they not know the gender of the baby yet? Is the mom traditional? Are you trying to have a quite, or boisterous event. Pick a theme that matches your situation.

With your theme selected, you can now create your task list for the baby shower. Starting around 45 days in advance, you might want to select a location, and date for the event. You should also start finalizing you guest list. Figure out how much money you want to spend, so you can invest wisely in invitations, favors, catering, a cake and such. There are some great planning tools available online at some of the online baby shower suppliers.

I recommend you next give thought to what you will serve, who will attend, and how you plan to entertain the guests. This is the best time to get family and friends to help you – everyone loves to help out at a shower. The host can easily delegate tasks such as working with the bakery or caterer. Make sure everyone knows about any diet issues, money limits, and the time requirements.

Somewhere around 5 to 6 weeks in advance, purchase your invitations. You might want to consider purchasing invitations that match your baby shower theme to give your guests a hint on gifts and such.

25 – 30 days before the big day, make sure all your baby shower party supplies are ordered so you have enough time for them to be delivered. Put your invitations in the mail, and start getting people lined up for help. Farm out the small projects to people who want to help.

21 days before the shower, check in with everyone who is helping out. Answer any questions, and make them feel appreciated!

Around two weeks before the event is a good time to order your cake, and purchase any non-perishable food items. This is also a good time to finalize any activities or games, and review your check list for any items that still need to be purchased.

The week of the event, prepare in advance any food that can frozen. Confirm the attendee list to make sure you know the RSVP status of the invitees. Follow-up with everyone who is helping out to make sure they have everything under control.

48 hours in advance is crunch time. Make sure your furniture is arranged, and the venue is cleaned.

The day before is the perfect time to get the decorations set-up (except for the balloons). Arranging all the paper goods, centerpieces, banners, and other decorations in advance allows you to focus on having fun the day of the event. Prepare any food that can be stored overnight, pick-up the cake, and chill any beverages or prepared foods that need to be served cold.

On the day of the shower itself, purchase your fresh flowers, fill your balloons with helium, prepare any remaining food items, and take pictures of everything BEFORE the guests arrive so you and the guest of honor can remember everything in it’s perfect form. Take full advantage of your helpers by getting them to run errands that need to be run (such as getting balloons filled, or picking up catering items.)

The only thing left is to have FUN!