Baby Sitter Needed: Where to Find Your Sitter

by Rashel Dan

It may not be enough to simply put up a baby sitter needed ad on the paper. If you want to find the right sitter for the kids, it will take more than that. It can take a lot of time for you to find the right person to care for your kids. This is only right because you would want someone who will ensure the safety and well being of your kids. So where do you find the right sitter?

Where to Find One

There are several ways to find a good sitter. Your method of finding a sitter will depend on your own preferences. You can try any one of these ways to get a good baby sitter.

– The most well-known way is to simply ask. You can ask among your friends and close neighbors. They may be able to recommend a good sitter who they may have previously hired. You may also find a sitter in your very own neighborhood. This is a good option because you or someone close to you knows the sitter well enough to give you some personal assurance. Neighbor sitters may also be already familiar with your kids so rapport may already be present.

– There are also ads of sitters for all ages online. They may have their own personal pages or they may be listed in advertising and listing ads. These sites may either have sitter contact information or full resumes for you to browse over.

– You could have your very own baby sitter needed ad. Forum, free ad sites or paid ad sites will let you advertise your needs. Depending on the site you are on, you can be as detailed as you can about work situations and payment to attract prospects.

– The best place to start is with a baby sitting agency. In recent years, numerous agencies have sprung up. Although you may have to pay a considerable amount, you can expect some great services from agencies. These may include background checks and screening.

– A good alternative to baby sitter agencies are referral sites. Instead of paying thousands of dollars to an agency, you can use a referral site instead. These sites match the specific needs of both sitters and families so both have a higher chance at satisfaction. Good referral sites will allow you to actively participate in the screening process. They will simply provide you access to resumes and critical background information.

What You Need to Remember

Of course, you can always try to look for a baby sitter yourself. You do have to remember though that you are basically on your own. You will not have the extra services provided by either an agency or referral site. If you do plan to pick your own sitter, be very thorough in finding out about the character and background of your sitter. Ask too about her child caring skills and if she has had classes in first aid and emergency response.

You’re guaranteed to get several responses if you post a baby sitter needed ad. That much is certain. The real challenge is finding the ideal sitter among the many possible options.

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