Broke + Penniless but Now Successful = 95% Failure Rates

by Building Financial Freedom

I am constantly amazed at the number of people that will follow someone into business that has 2 years earlier been completely broke, driving a broken down car or living in an old run down house. Do you really think these people have the experience to build Multi-Million Dollar businesses? The answer is no, and that is why their failure for people who join their organizations is above 85%. Simply do to their poorly structured system. The good new is that Corporate Executives are entering this market and you should see success rates begin to rise. This means more money in your pocket!

Corporate Executives understand the need for team work and developing a team of Master Minds to truly leverage group ideas into money. This concept alone will bring great strides to the Home Business World. However the largest benefit will be the ability to leverage resources and do more in a shorter time frame. This concept is going to keep the team farther ahead of the competition.

How about from day one of joining an organization you are putting together a long term business that will pay you on multiple levels for extended periods of time. New members will not get marketing methods that would cost them 1000s of dollars to learn, be able to plug in to the latest in communication networks and have the ability to learn using the latest platforms in education to learn how to be successful. This break through will be huge. Another benefit that must be highlighted is having access to the best software on the market for completing certain tasks and you know it works.

Any home based business will need to provide training resources. These resources’ goal should be to better training the team to raise success rates. Live training events should be held as optional training methods. This way your serious members can come in and take advantage of advanced training and you can build them into leaders. Accelerating your team’s success has to be the number 1 goal.

You need to develop your ATM: Attitude, Time and Money. Your attitude towards your new business venture will drive how much success you will see. The time (focused time) you dedicate to your business will also play into how successful you are. Your Attitude + Time will equal how much money you make in any business venture. How are you developing your ATM?

The rich understand the term leverage, but most do not. Leverage is something you must study as it is the quickest way to build wealth. Each of your tactics and techniques to build your business should involve some sort of leverage. Without leverage you really have a sold proprietorship type of business and that is much too much work.

Finds ways to keep you motivated and keep you moving forward to towards your financial goals. Your Global Mentor will have many ways to maintain your focus and your motivation to insure you are moving towards success. Keep in mind that motivation is a key element in life and should be taken lightly.

Find that burning reason on why you are building your Home Based Business and keep feeding it and making it larger. Celebrate all successes no matter how small and keep moving forward to the next step. Keep you finances under control and continue to build your emergency fund. The more funds you have in your emergency fund the better prepared you are to score big when the moment comes.

Ask your potential leader or Global Mentor how they are going to develop your greatness. We are all borne with it, but few have fed it and allowed to grow. Most have gotten scared and let it fade away, but is is time to feed it and bring it back in a large way. Do not take this lightly as it can raise your success level immensely

Decide right now to take action..No more waiting for tomorrow to make a decision to become financially independent. Procrastination has kept you poor to this point and it will continue to keep you poor unless you kill it and do it now. After all you are the one that let’s it live. Take action now.

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