Buying a Summerhouse for your Garden

by Spencer Wilkins

Today you have a number of different styles of summerhouses which come in kit form and which can be erected in your garden. You can either choose to employ a contractor to erect it for you or if you want to save money, you can erect it yourself. But although you may well see a summerhouse, you like but there are a number of different things that the manufacturer of these kits will often forget about when making them.

Therefore, when you are selecting the right kit you need to take a number of different factors into consideration before you make your purchase. Below we take a look at just what these factors are.

1. The Summerhouse Site – It is important that the location in your garden that you select for where your summerhouse is going should be large enough not just for it. But it should also be large enough that you work comfortably and safely in the area when you are erecting it. Remember you will need to use a ladder in order that you are able to place the roof on top.

2. Neighbours – Should you happen to be placing the summerhouse close to yours and your neighbour’s boundary fence or wall then discuss the matter with them first. This is especially important if you actually need access to their property in order that you can work on the building.

3. Roof Height – When you have chosen the site for your summerhouse, you need to remember to take into consideration the height of the building. If you have any trees, which are close to the site, then you may need to consider cutting these back. Because if you don’t you may find yourself in a situation having to spend more money and time on making repairs to the roof of the building because the trees branches have damaged it.

4. Base for the Summerhouse – Once you have chosen the right place in your garden where you will be placing the summerhouse you need to get a foundation laid for it. Although you can use paving stones, the best foundation for a summerhouse is a solid concrete one. This is simply because it provides you with a sound base on to which the frame of the building can be directly attached.

5. Erecting the Summerhouse – After the foundation has been laid and before you start to erect the building it is a good idea for you to read through the instructions that have been provided by the manufacturer of the kit. Also during this initial stage, you should look at all the pieces of summerhouse that have been provided to ensure that everyone that is in the kit is there. After you have erected the frame of the building, you should next start to build up its walls. Start off by building up to a height of around 18 inches from the frames base and then you can install the doorframe. Then after this, you should build the walls up further to a height that is about in line with your waist before you install the doors. After this, you can the build up the rest of the walls before you finally put on the roof.

By keeping the above pointers, we have mentioned in mind, you will find that not only choosing but also erecting a summerhouse in your garden will be much easier. Another thing one should also remember is that with any building including summerhouses that are over 100 square feet you will need to obtain a local building permit before you begin erecting it.

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