Cast Iron Cookware For Camping – When Durability Counts

by Michael Knox

If you are looking for camping cookware that will last you a lifetime, then you cannot go past cast iron cookware for camping. When you are getting ready to take that long overdue family camping vacation, you want to know that you have cookware that you can rely on. In order to get the most out of your cookware, this article will explain the things that you should look out for.

User Friendly

When choosing camping cookware, always keep in mind that everyone else is going to use it and if you need a degree in engineering to do so, then don’t get it. The cookware should be so simple that a five year old should be able to use it. It should also double for something else. An good example of this would be for bowls to be used as plates and vice versa. Today, you can also find utensils that can also do this, meaning that instead of buying a knife and fork, you only buy a knife that can turn into a fork. The general rule is to buy the least amount of items as possible that can be used for a wide number of tasks.


Cookware durability is probably the most important deciding factor when campers decide to splurge on new camping cookware. You definitely do not want cookware that comes with a handle with care label attached to them but you want cookware that will be there year after year. In this case, spending extra money on cast iron cookware for camping makes perfect sense if not cents. In case you have to pack up and leave in a real hurry, you need to know that your cookware can be quickly thrown into a box but still be intact when you decide to stop again.

If your plan is to take a camping trip that involves a lot of stopping at different camping sites, then you do not want to be wasting your time packing and unpacking cookware. Cast iron cookware for camping will not require constant packing every time you move sites. All that you would probably have to do is throw them into a box and get going again.

Cleaning Made Easy

Unfortunately, every time any piece of cookware is used, it needs to be cleaned at some point in the future before being reused. This is more applicable to camping cookware as your goal is not to carry too many items but a few items that can serve several roles. The trick is to find cookware that is easy to clean, does not stain easily and can be washed quickly with just some soap. Cast iron cookware for camping is not only the most durable camping cookware that you can get, but it will also meet all of the criteria listed above.

Money Well Spent

It’s always a tough call when you have to weigh up between spending money on cast iron cookware for camping that can be a little expensive or cheap cookware that you will have to constantly replace.

Quality cast iron camping cookware can be quite expensive so if you are just starting out, or if your budget is tight, you should probably consider used or second hand items instead. A good idea, is also to find a good balance between cast iron and normal cookware and slowly replace the non cast iron items over time.

You should be able to find many web sites all over the Internet specializing in quality camping cookware and if you buy online, chances are that you will save yourself a fair amount of money. Auction sites like Ebay are also terrific places to start your search.

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