Choosing the right Patio Barbecue for your Garden

by Spencer Wilkins

When it comes to which kind of patio barbecues you want for your garden there are two basic styles that one can choose from. You can either choose to buy one that uses gas or else you can go the more traditional route and buy one that uses charcoal. But what you will soon discover when looking at each type is that they have their own particular advantages and disadvantages and the one you choose will be because it is the one that you prefer.

Certainly, of the two styles of barbecues that one can now purchase the gas versions are increasing in popularity over the more traditional charcoal ones. Below we take a look at just what are some of the advantages and disadvantages to be had from either owning a gas or a charcoal barbecue for your patio.

1. Gas barbecues are proving more popular simply because they are easy to operate and you do not have to bother with messy charcoal or starting fluid when using it. However, you will need to purchase the right sorts of coals for your gas barbecue and these can prove to be quite expensive in comparison to charcoal.

2. You will find that the initial purchase of a charcoal barbecue is much less than that of a gas one. The only other real expenditure you have when purchasing a charcoal one is buying the starting fluid and the bricks for it. Whereas with a gas one you also need to buy the coals for it along with a full cylinder of gas as well.

3. It actually takes time for a charcoal barbecue to be ready before you can start cooking on it, where as with a gas one you only have to wait a few minutes after the flame has been ignited. The problem with the charcoal one is that you need to first make sure that the charcoal is properly lit and then wait for the flames that appear to die down before you can actually start cooking.

4. Another big advantage to be gained from owning a gas barbecue is that there are several different additional pieces of equipment that you can get for it. You will often find that most good quality gas patio barbecues come with a side burner already attached alongside the actual grill. With this, you can prepare sauces or other kinds of side dishes that are to be served with your main meal. Also, if you want to spend a little more money you can get smokers, rotisseries and pan roasters to go with your gas barbecue as well.

5. When it comes to the taste of the food that these types of barbecues provide there is no real difference whatsoever. The ceramic briquettes or lava rock, which you use in a gas one, provides the same heat as that which the charcoal in a more traditional style barbecue produces.

It does not really matter which kind of patio barbecues you choose to buy, you just need to make sure that it has been made using good quality steel. Also if you can look for one that has a good warranty on it as well, ideally, one that you will expect to provide you with around 10 years of grilling.

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