Coal Dealer Tips For Lighting A Coal Stove

by Jim Carpenter

As you will soon find when talking to any coal dealer is that coal stoves are not that easy to get started. Plus there is a lot of work that needs to be carried out by you to ensure that the coal keeps burning at a regular temperature. Certainly if you do not keep to the right procedures you will soon find out just how easily a coal stove will go out.

In this article we offer a few tips on how to get a coal stove fire started along with some other tips you may find useful when it comes to getting yours started.

1. It is important that the kindling and paper use to help get a fire started in your coal stove is completely dry. Only when you have got these lit well and burning hot should you then start to add a few pieces of hardwood to the fire.

2. During the stage when the kindling, paper and hardwood are being burnt it is important that you keep the draft control on your coal stove fully open until the fire has become well established and hot. Only when a good bed of embers has become to build up from the wood can you then start to add your coal and this should be in small amounts.

3. You should not add lots of coal at once but rather gradually until you have a layer of between 1 and 2 inches of coal burning in the stove. It is crucial that you do not add too much coal at once as this will prevent enough air getting in to ignite it and always allow the coal you have added sufficient time to be completely ignited before you then carrying on adding further amounts.

4. You need to make sure that in order that your coal stove functions correctly that you have enough lit coal in it up to the highest point you can safely have in it. Also you can easily regulate the heat that the fire produces which will save on the amount of coal you burn by restricting the amount of air that is allowed to flow into it.

5. Finally you need to remember that during the initial stages of lighting your coal stove the draft control door needs to remain fully open until the coal is well light and blue flames are being produced. But once this has happened then it can be closed slightly or altogether depending on the amount of heat you want your stove to produce and never leave fully open as it will damage the inside of the stove over time. Plus the ash pan door which will be situated at the very base of your coal stove must remain closed until you need to take it out and remove the ash that has built up in it.

As mentioned above a coal dealer will explain to you the difficulties relating to getting a coal stove lit. However, if you do keep in mind the tips we provide above then the whole process should become much easier for you in the future. Plus never light a coal stove until the outside temperature has fallen below 55 degrees Fahrenheit for a number of days as this will ensure that the chimney is then producing enough draft to help with the lighting of yours.

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