Color Your Home Garden With Climbing Rose Bushes

by Sylvia J Barnes

Great news – climbing rose bushes provide the best of both worlds. Not only can you have the rich beauty assosiated with growing roses, but you can also have a plant that does not require constant attention and care.

One of the benefits of including roses in your garden is undoubtedly the fragrance they provide as well as the colorful flowers. Who wouldn’t love going outside and basking in the beauty and fragrance of a luscious flowering rose garden?

But in addition to their decorative capacity, the climbing variety in particular can also solve some of your home improvement problems. For example, does your view at home include the plain, drab wall of a building – maybe a garage or utility shed? Or maybe you have a fence that, while still functional, is embarrassing to look at.

Since rose vines grow up rather than out, they are the ideal solution to many of these landscaping nightmares. Although there are many types of plants that can grow with climbing vines, roses are perhaps the most beautiful flower to be had. Why not go for the best and solve your problem with style?

It’s not hard to grow climbing roses. In fact, they can be incredibly easy – just see to it that they will have plentiful sunlight, good soil and of course, a place to expand such as a trellis or fence. The best part of all for gardeners who are impatient is that these vines will grow quickly.

If you want your vine-filled trellis or fence to look its absolute best, always remember to perform the occasional pruning. Shaping your rose vines is not difficult, but you’ll need to make sure they are properly trained to grow to whatever you’ve attached them to. You’ll experience the most enjoyment from your flowers when you take these simple steps to ensure proper growth.

Understand that climbing roses are not the same as the variety you cut and use in bouquets. They are meant to be enjoyed in their natural, on-the-vine state. Keep that in mind when choosing the best location for your plants – you want to get as much enjoyment from them as possible.

For something a bit different, the Josephs Coat rose is a good choice. Not only is is especially easy to care for, it’s blooms change colors from a golden yellow, to orange and then crimson – just beautiful!

I’m certain you want to have a beautiful garden, so make sure you consider adding one or more climbing rose vines to the layout. Best of all, because these plants are so easy to manage, your friends and neighbors will think you have the greenest thumb of them all.

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