Concrete Floors Don’t Have To Look Drab

by Greg Hansward

Concrete floors sound like the most boring things in the world! However you can be wrong, if they are done properly they can look absolutely fantastic. When you first think of concrete flooring you may just think of boring grey floors, however using the right solutions can make it look amazing!

I’m not suggesting you use normal concrete floors, you should use floors that are specially treated. By employing a professional to lay a concrete floor they can treat it to look like marble or stone. This means you can get the look of marble at a fraction of the cost. It is possible to paint concrete floors, however you can get much more flexibility with the state of the art dyes.

Concrete flooring is professionally treated with dyes in order to transform the ugly concrete forms into wonderful beautiful floors. The concrete is mixed with dyes which can create fantastic looking floors fairly cheaply. You can use these floors for a number of different themes. Concrete floors can be used to make a very elegant marble looking floor in a beautiful living room. Using a number of different stains can get fantastic results.

Concrete Flooring is Great Value

Concrete floors are extremely durable and will last a very long time. Although these floors can be a little expensive, as they will last for a long time the costs will be spread out for a number of years. You will not have to replace a concrete floor for a number of years which will provide substantial savings.

Concrete flooring is hygienic compared to carpets as they don’t collect dust or mites. It’s easy to clean concrete using a vacuum cleaner and a mop. It’s easy to clean concrete floors and keep them healthy.

You can easily stain concrete with a number of different colors in order to create beautiful floors. You can apply textures to make it resemble marble and stone, it’s a very versatile material. Shades of terracotta can also be used to create fantastic unique and expensive looking floors at a fairly low cost.

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