Deciding A Baby Sitter For Your Childrens

by Todd Martin

When you hire a babysitter you are placing the welfare of your children in the babysitter’s hands. The kids’ safety and well being for those two to four or more hours that you are gone can be a happy experience for all-the sitter, the kids and parents. How do you know for sure? For sure you have thoroughly vetted your sitter, haven’t you? References, background checks etc. all to make sure your sitter is who he or she says they are. You cannot be too sure can you? After all we are talking about your kids. When you hire a nanny you need to make sure that she is the best person for the job. You do not, after all, just want to leave your kids with just anyone.

The person should be responsible, likes kids, be able to have fun, and still know when it is time to be serious Like any other employer, the interview portion of the hiring process is very important. You can gauge the nanny’s personality and professionalism with a comprehensive interview, which will play a significant role in your final decision. With a little help from your hidden nanny cam, you can replay the interview to reinforce or reject your initial choice. Usually, a more experienced and educated nanny should be preferred especially when her work experience indicates that she stayed with one family for an extended period.

You should be as thorough as possible about performing background checks. This does not mean that you have to enlist the Federal Bureau of Investigation, only that you must insist that all background checks are completed by the agency. Incomplete background checks can lead to abuse and neglect being captured on your nanny cams. Even if the nanny performed well in past employments, you might just be unlucky enough to be the victim of nanny duplicity. You should avoid hiring nannies on the first interview. You can conduct two personal interviews at the minimum, where you can ask questions like childcare philosophy and ideas, personal interests, discuss compensation package and work expectations, and opinions on nanny cams. The disclosure and discussion on nanny cams is a must.

Using your hidden nanny cam, you can make a decision regarding hiring your new nanny. Even if you missed something during the interview, the strategically-placed spy camera will show you exactly what your missed. You need to hire a person that you can trust which your children. Also before you hire the nanny make sure the children are comfortable around her. There is nothing worse than hiring a nanny who if perfect but the children do not like her. If the children do not like her then they are not going to listen to her very well. So make sure that the children like her that way you will get respect from both the nanny and your children.

As a matter of fact most people would agree that it is a good idea in the beginning to sit back and observe how this person handles situations and interacts with your child. How is that any different then installing a Nanny Cam for the times you are not at home? In both situations you are observing an employee and how they follow the guidelines that you have set up. Deciding whether or not to install a Nanny Cam is a highly personal choice to be made by you. Likewise, telling the nanny that you have installed one is also up to you. When it comes to your Childs welfare you cannot be too careful.

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