Detroit Michigan Activities


The City of Festivals

Detroit Michigan is truly a city of Festivals. Detroit is populated with a very fun loving conglomeration of individuals who love to come together for just about any reason and celebrate life in general. This might go a bit towards explaining the fact that Detroit has an unusually large amount of festivals on an annual basis. Unlike most places, though, Detroit people seem as if they are just as willing to celebrate any occasion with those from outside the city as within. Visitors are always made welcome at the many Detroit festivals.

The Spirit of Detroit Music Festival

Although no one particular festival is more celebrated than any of the others in Detroit, a popular one is the Spirit of Detroit Musical Festival. Every year hundreds of bands of all types and genres gather here to bring the creative art of music to Detroit. There are Rhythm and Blues Bands, Rock and Roll Bands, Country Music Performers, Classical artists, and even hip-hop groups present at the Michigan State Fairgrounds. This festival is, however, citywide and not just at the fairgrounds. During this celebratory period, you will find both local bands and nationally famous performers all throughout the city at every club, bar and auditorium.

The Detroit Festival of the Arts

Music is not the only art to have a festival in Detroit. There is the annual Detroit Festival of the Arts that consumes the entirety of the creative spectrum. At this wonderful event you will take a trip to the Midtown University Cultural Center and enjoy virtually every form of creativity known to man. There will be some amazing paintings, fantastically lifelike sculptures, musical art, pottery art, and even food art. What would better accent a day of seeing the artistic muse in action than an artistic meal of the world’s finest cuisine by chef/artists from around the world?

The African World Festival

For a more family oriented Festival, there is the annual African World Festival. During this celebratory occasion, Detroit pays homage to the various art forms of Africans and African Americans. This is largely noted as the world’s largest gathering of African American art and usually has a traffic of well over one million visitors from outside the city, not counting the citizens of Detroit. There will be the usual forms of art, such as the drawings, paintings and pottery, but it does not stop there. There are exhibits of quilts, carvings, music, and even food. If it takes creativity to make it, you will find it at the African World Festival.

Celebrate Detroit

Most places that you visit have an average of two or three festivals per year for one major occasion or the other. Detroit has an original view of celebrating. This huge city believes that if there is nothing to celebrate that they will make something to celebrate. Detroit is a party crowd with a fun and outgoing attitude that will make you feel welcome, no matter who you are or where you are from. So come celebrate with the rest of Detroit Michigan this year and be made to feel at home on your vacation getaway.

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