Discount Area Rugs: Insider Information

by JD Theis

Bathroom rugs can be the most luxurious in your home. They are often the rug that comes in contact with bare feet more often than not, and they’re the one rug in you place that takes the most abuse from moisture. It’s clear that bathroom rugs have a special function and place in our homes, and that they need to be considered separately from the area rugs and carpets in other parts of the house.

There are several design and manufacturing issues that need to be considered as well. Bathroom rugs will get wet often even though the people using the bathroom are certainly careful. It’s often accidentally when water splashed from the sink and even the moisture from the toilet can become a factor. To add to the difficulty, there’s even a line of thought that says bathroom rugs should be able to absorb the moisture from people’s feet.

Therefore, it’s reasonable to conclude that the best bathroom rugs will be made from a synthetic material. Wool or other natural fibers would present large problems with condensation and even possible mold buildup. Still, there are problems with synthetic materials since the squares of their design are tightly compacted and this can actually repeal water and not allow for any absorption at all. The solution seems to be a micro-fibril material that possesses pores so the moisture can be absorbed.

Others suggest a yarn and tufted fabric is the best material suited to bathroom rugs and mats. Yarn, and in some cases Nylon, have been the traditional material used for these rugs since they have both a high absorption rate and a quick drying time. Both of these factors are ideal to avert any lingering moisture problems that could cause mold or mildew.

It should be no surprise that the materials used are meshing together and that the old and the new are becoming one and morphing into a material that has the best qualities from both synthetic and natural materials. To that end, hydrophilic microdenier is the latest material used in bathroom rugs. This latest development boasts the absorbing characteristics of cotton with none of the possibility of mold or mildew build up.

Of course, bathroom rugs come in all shapes and sizes and they can be customized and woven to fit a variety of tastes. Some are shaped like seashells and some have western motifs, but one of the most attractive bath rugs you’ll find is the green multi from the Chelsea Collection.

Bathroom rugs are unlike any other rug in your home. They offer comfort and style in one of the only rooms in you house where your bare feet often touch the cold floor, but they present a unique set of difficulties at the same time. Still, armed with the proper facts about what kind of bathroom rug is best for you, the experience of placing something under your feet there will be rewarding on those long cold nights.

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