Discover Advantage! It Will Kill Fleas Quickly and Effectively.

by Rebecca Foxton

Frontline treatment is the most effective flea treatment on the market, followed by Advantage.

It provides a very efficient flea control for dogs and it is made by a name you can trust, Bayer. Advantage flea control for dogs and cats remains one of Bayer’s most popular products. This leader also makes many other lines in the healthcare industry.

Fleas will stop biting your pet in just a matter of minutes after applying Advantage flea and tick control. Adult fleas start to die within an hour after it is applied, then 98%-100% of the remaining fleas die within 12 hours.

Advantage is a very clean and convenient way to deal with a rather menacing problem. One application has a duration of one month.

Fleas can not only cause skin infections and discomfort, but also spread other parasites such as tapeworms in the body, and therefore it is very important to eradicate them quickly and completely.

Imidacloprid, the active ingredient in Advantage, forms an attack on the nervous system of the flea causing paralysis and death.

Once Advantage is applied to your pets coat, fleas cannot reproduce because they die before time allows them to do so. Their life cycle becomes disrupted at several points, including the already laid flea larvae, which will die within 20 minutes.

To dose dogs that weigh less than 21 lbs, empty the liquid contents of the tube right onto the skin at the base of the neck. For use on dogs weighing more than 21 pounds, you should apply as four dots, starting from the nape and ending at the tail’s base. The liquid should not come in contact with the dog’s eyes or mouth. After one month you can re-apply.

You will quickly see that Advantage is a great weapon in the fight against fleas. Additionally, you need not restrict your water loving pooch from his summer swims, because Advantage is completely waterproof. And the product won’t wash away while shampooing, so your dog won’t have to sacrifice cleanliness either!

Although Advantage flea medication is unable to prevent heartworm as can Revolution flea and tick control, it is still the second most popular flea care solution.

Although one can buy inferior brands at a discount, Advantage flea control works, as does Frontline flea and tick treatment, so when wondering whether to go expensive or cheap, just look at Advantage flea products’ test results.

Advantage flea drops are made by the household name Bayer. With Advantage flea control you will be protecting not only your pet but also your family.

Free trial samples are available from Bayer who rest assured that their Advantage flea medications are the ones you will choose. Advantage flea control for dogs is recommended by vets.

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