Diversity of 2008 Wedding Trends

by Ginny Marx

One of the most prominent changes you’ll see this year include curvier dresses for the women who want to show off their curves. With the move away from skinny body types in the fashion industry we’re seeing more wedding trends in 2008 that promote full figures and embracing women.

Necks and shoulders are a prominent area of appeal, and more and more brides are showing them off. While previous years’ fads included heavy jewelry, in the year 2008 wedding trends, jewelries are now commonly worn on the dresses themselves.

Sleek and chic silver, and other bold and beautiful light colors are now the widely-spread customary designs for dresses. While classic lace and satin are the more popular fabrics used. The new wedding trends also include warm colors for the wedding theme, colors like red, violet, and orange.

Coming up as a wedding trend for the first time is the green wedding, which focuses on environmentally friendly weddings. Whether the couple is planning an outdoor wedding to cut down on energy or using recycled materials throughout their wedding and reception it seems that something borrowed and something blue is getting something green as well. More 2008 wedding trends include second hand fabrics, gifts that recycle, and using technology instead of paper.

Almost nothing matters more than the party after the wedding and the for sure wedding trend for 2008 musical choices includes Latin American sounds that will get the crowd dancing. For those that love to dance this is the perfect choice to keep them dancing long into the night and for those that don’t really enjoy dancing they’ll find themselves enjoying the music and dance of others at your wedding.

Another increasing trend concerning wedding reception music is engaging the services of cover bands. Musicians in these bands are great in imitating musical hits that are among the wedded couple’s list of favorites. The celebration becomes extra special when they hear all their favorite music sang, all throughout their wedding celebrations. This trend was somehow inspired by reality shows on television that feature special weddings and the like.

This is also the main cause for the rise of professional impersonators. Famous entertainers like ,the king himself, Elvis Presley, the beautiful Marilyn Monroe, and other celebrity icons have a large number of impersonators that are hired to attend weddings to greet and entertain the guests.

A few years ago something unprecedented happened in the wedding industry and it was the beginning of brides and grooms paying for their own wedding. Even when mom and dad pitch in it seems that the couple is paying for more of their wedding than traditionally done. With this wedding trend in 2008 we are seeing more couples spending more money on their wedding in the areas that are special to them. For some this is the wedding dress and reception. For others it may be the combined destination wedding and honeymoon.

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