DIY Projects Save Remodeling Expense

by Jerry Blackburn

Certainly there are a lot of homeowners who do not have the experience or patience to do some of the labor on home remodelling projects. In fact, most homeowners are better off letting experienced professionals complete the bulk of finish work and detail work that requires a trained hand.

But do-it-yourself (diy) can be a great way to save a few dollars when it comes time to renovate the older home or upgrade the residence. In many cases, the homeowner can take on some of the simpler tasks, such as removing old materials (walls, flooring) or even doing the simple painting or touch up. While recently talking my teenager into replacing her crazy beaded door curtains, we spent several hours together looking at DIY projects we could do ourselves.

Not only will this save money, but it may also prove to be quite interesting as a learning experience. Generally, these simpler tasks cannot be done the “wrong” way, although the homeowner may spend a bit more time with them than someone who has several remodelling projects under his or her belt.

In recent years, some excellent sources of information and materials have been established, existing only to aid the homeowner in these diy projects. In most cases the staff at these locations are experts who have completed numerous remodelling and renovation projects. They also have the support of a good company that offers only quality remodelling materials.

One key factor in a successful remodelling project is a solid idea of what needs to be done (and what can be done within the budget). A few minutes of thinking and planning at the beginning can help separate the diy projects from those best left to a professional carpenter, plumber, electrician etc. (Of course, there is also the possibility of having a friend or relative help, especially if that person has finished a number of remodelling tasks. Their experience can be invaluable.)

Suppose, for example, that the remodelling project involves taking out the old kitchen cabinets and sink. From the beginning it would best to enlist the help of a professional who will know just how to proceed with taking out old water lines and the sink, then replacing them with new materials. Caution is necessary at this point, because some diy centers will make the tasks sound very simple. The reality of working with plumbing and high-priced cabinets can be quite different however. The homeowner should be quite careful about making sure that his or her abilities match certain parts of the remodelling project. In those cases where seminars and printed information from the merchant are not sufficient, it is imperative that the job be left to someone who has the proper tools and experience to finish the task correctly the first time.

By taking some simple precautions at the start, and planning which tasks should be left to a pro, the homeowner can avoid getting into a spot that is difficult to work out of. Many amateur (homeowners) dive into a remodelling job without this planning, only to find that they are in over their heads. This may mean extra cost for the professional to correct the mistakes before doing the job the correct way. Homeowners who want to “do-it-yourself” should be as objective as possible when assessing the remodelling project, not letting their ego get in the way of having the work done correctly, by an experienced professional.

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