driving all over the world with great eco-tourism help

by Eric Slarkowski

Since ecotourism means traveling responsibly there are many potential benefits of ecotourism that one can get and there will also be many improvements to the environment as also to the local economy. There is a wide gamut of possibilities that range from resorts catering to the sensitivity of the ecosystem as also stand-alone activities, a number of destinations all across the world are offering solutions so as to reduce the harm that we are doing to the environment and which at the same time provides tourists with enjoyment as well. This was true of our trip to Malaga, Spain recently. This is perhaps the biggest benefit of ecotourism and which makes ecotourism a worthwhile experience.

Using Technologies And Principles Adhering To Eco-Friendly Methods

You can also see the benefits of ecotourism in the design and construction as well as maintenance of eco-resorts that use technologies and also principles adhering to eco-friendly methods that are throwing up a whole new industry in itself. Take for example the elevated buildings and walkways in the Caribbean that does not affect the ground vegetation.

With such means, there are also other benefits of ecotourism such as prevention of soil erosion and runoff that could otherwise harm the beaches as also the coral reefs. If the tools of ecotourism such as these are used well by local communities, there are sure to be many benefits of ecotourism accruing. In addition, if we learn to recognize the importance of protecting biological diversity and properly regulate and manage these resources, we will benefit both the environment as well as see improved economic development.

With the current great boom in travel and tourism industry, and the possibility of channeling such tourism to take in ecotourism destinations there would be tremendous benefits of ecotourism reaped as seen in creating new employment, generating foreign exchange income as well as stimulating the economic development of the host country.

There is no doubt that the major benefits of ecotourism pertain to protection of the environment, though another benefit is that it can transform local communities in a most desirable manner. Direct recipients of the benefits of ecotourism are the local communities who must therefore play an important role in the planning, development as well as management of the process of ecotourism.

In fact, the main benefits of ecotourism can be categorized as economic, socio-economic as well as physical. Economic benefits are the most direct and are seen in better employment and more income. The socio-economic benefits are seen in responsible travel to natural areas thereby safeguarding the integrity of the ecosystem while also producing economic benefits to the local communities and encourage conservation. The physical benefits are seen when we learn to conserve our natural resources and preserve nature as best that we can.

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