Epson Salts and Orchids are a Plus

by Charlie Reese

Epson Salt And Orchids – The Miracle Worker

The Epson salts have so many applications that many call them miracle salts or the miracle worker. These salts are extremely useful both for humans and plants, particularly orchids. Before we look at the connection between Epson salt and orchids, run a cursory glance over what it does for human beings.

The Epson Salt And Human Beings – Some Popular Applications

The Epson salts originate from the Epson River in England which is particularly famous for its very high concentration of beneficial minerals that it contains. The chemical compound magnesium sulfate is the active ingredient of these salts which enters the body of the person who bathes in the river through the skin resulting in body detoxification, reduction of stress levels and healing of a host of skin diseases.

This is not the end of the positive properties of Epson salts. You will find that these salts are an excellent remedy for cold and congestion, cure minor cuts and sores and are invaluable help at child birth as it reduces pain and promotes fast healing. These salts are also used as active and very effective stress relievers ever since the days of Shakespeare. It seems that the magnesium from these salts promotes the production of serotonin which in turn causes a feeling of relaxation and deep calm.

The Epson salts are also great beauty aid as they can be used to exfoliate the skin, improve blood circulation and promote a fresh and sweet body odor.

The Epson Salt And Orchids – Some Popular Applications

The Epson salt and orchids connection is limited mostly to the role of an excellent fertilizer. This is not an indigenous application, but a method of caring for orchids on large commercial scale even where major growers can afford the best of best controlled conditions in their state-of-the-art green houses. One of the most popular formulas that highlight the Epson salt and orchids link is described in brief here.

Take two tablespoons of Epson salt and an equal number of any laundry detergents you know and mix it thoroughly in one gallon of water. Use this for watering your orchids for some amazing effects. Though this recipe sounds funny, it works like magic. Why not give it a try today?

The best time to apply this fertilizer is during the summer but be careful that you do not pour this mixture over a dry plant as this will wilt it. Ideally, the plant medium should be moist before you use this fertilizer on it if you want optimum results. The Epson salt and orchids association is limited to this role, but its impact is worth mentioning and of course trying out.

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